Dressing Mama...in Spring Transition

Yesterday it was confirmed...
blinding sun & 59 degrees!


Time to put away those blacks,
greys & mournful winter colors

and break out those glorious spring hues!

I love to pin outfit ideas on my Dressing Mama board,
but instead of an outfit scavenger hunt
this post is about REAL items that you can click on & buy right now to spiff up your closet for the spring season. Some of them are affiliate links, but most of them are just links to things that I love!

Here are few nibbles that would look fabulous on a busy mama in spring.

For tops, I am loving these:

JCrew Factory Denim Tee...
I die!
This one is SO me!!

I'm CRAZY for stripes,
I cannot lie!
I LOVE this striped top (also from JCrew Factory)

Then there's this SIMPLE & very flattering
(& affordable at $34.99)
Junior Women's Lush Cuff Sleeve Woven Tee

I'm dying to get this...

The Cabi Blue U Neck Tee.
Oh, friends...
Cabi is where it's at!

They are so expensive,
but I have never bought anything else that has fit me this well!

Y'all know I'm one of the cheapest people alive,
but I will break out my checkbook for Cabi twice a year...
it is ALWAYS worth it!

I have Cabi pieces that I bought 3-4 years ago that I still wear & still look brand new!
They are amazing quality & the fit is always just right!

If you get invited to a show, GO check it out!
Just an FYI, I'll be wearing this top with their pink jeans mentioned below.

At Groopdealz, this gorgeous crochet neck blouse is just $21.99 & would be perfect for spring & then also summer with shorts & sandals!

This one makes me want to go to the beach...
along with all those people...
who are not my friend...
who are the beach right now...
for spring break.

I'm really hoping Target will carry a few Lilly tops when they launch next spring,
but until then I will drool over Dorothy (& Elsa),
as usual.

For Bottoms...

Kut from the Kloth
is my Go To...

I have hips & these always work well for me...
Catherine Boyfreind Jeans

I also have them in white.
They're perfect!
Catherine Slim Skinny Boyfriend Jeans

Cabi again...
I love their pants!
They run a little big & I always have to size down
& every mama with a big hiney loves that! ;)

In the pink pants,

Old Navy also has some cute pink pants, just $25...
AND their entire site is 35% off if you use the code DAYBREAK!
Decisions, decisions...

Loft has these awesome pants in several different colors,
I am loving this Denim Riviera Stripe, they're 40% off if you use the code FIRSTLOOK

It seems like these long Chiffon skirts are trying to be the rage this year.

What do you think?
I personally cannot pull off a long skirt, they just make me look frumpy.

These are pretty & come in several different colors.
Groopdealz Flowing Chiffon Maxi Skirt, $19.99 (ten colors)

However, JANE has a shorter length Tulle Skirt in four colors...
they are GORGEOUS & just $19.99!!

Dresses are my favorite go to in summer,
but not in spring.
I'm tossing this one in the mix today because I can't stop thinking about it!
(plus, it would look darling with a denim jacket)

Lolly Wolly Doodle...
have you ever bought from them?
Do you have one of their ladies dresses??
I'm dying to try one out!

And then there's this...
the Cabi French Navy Jumpsuit.
My brain says NO,
but my gut says this one would be fabulous!

Do you have one?
I'm debating about it.

We can't forget the shoes, girls!!

Shoes a mama loves...

I broke down & ordered a pair of these slip-on sneakers that everyone seems to be wearing this season.

These snake print ones are from Loft & are 40% off right now if you use the code FIRSTLOOK.
They had several other colors.

I also love these,
ME TOO shoes are my fave!!
The comfy Fiona Leather Ballet Slipper is perfect for spring!!

Women's Me Too 'Fiona' Leather Ballet Flat

I don't wear heels much,
but I'm about to have a fit over these Steve Madden Open Toe Booties...
the bootie craze continues! ;)

Women's Steve Madden 'Nobel' Open Toe Bootie

And because spring is really only 3 weeks long here in the south...
y'all know it's true!

I'm already plotting a plan to add these
Sam Edelman Leopard Sandals to my closet!

Women's Sam Edelman 'Gigi' Sandal

and looking ahead...

Groopdealz also has these darling Monogrammed Bandeau tops for $19.99...

but that's jumping way ahead,
I know...
I need to do more sit ups before I can buy one of those. ;)

Well, it's a GLORIOUS day already,
much too pretty to be in a store shopping!

Grab you some spring goodness here on the blog
& then get OUTSIDE!!

I'm headed to the garage to throw open those doors & PAINT!

I'll be back to share some before & after fun this week.

Have a blessed, beautiful Sunday!