How To Tuesday: Adult Sized Party Hats

Back in January my beloved turned 40.

The littles & I were tickled to death to throw a little party to celebrate!


I wanted to do something simple, but personalized for make it special. When I found this awesome blog entry, I knew EXACTLY what kind of party FAVORS we were going to have!
We decided on Cosmic Bowling after watching that cute movie Mom's Night Out...(it's so funny, you must watch it).


The kids & I made all the party favors ourselves, so fancy time they were not...but handmade goodies  from the heart really are the best (but also make quite a mess).


My friend, Monica at Aplus printed this awesome picture on 11x17 card stock for me to use.


Since the pattern I found online was for little people hats (the red paper in this picture below), I got out an old file folder & used that pattern to make a larger one that would work with my pictures. 
Notice how my pattern is not perfect & I don't even care. That's right. 😉


Once I had my pattern, I was ready to go!
I had already tried making the smaller version & determined that the fine trimming, slicing & tucking the tabs in was just not going to work for me. I have zero patience...

Instead, I brought out big mama...


I traced my pattern onto my picture like I wanted it, then cut it out.


Notice my cutting is not will be ok in the end, just watch. 

After I cut, then I practiced gently rolling the card stock into shape a little bit (because hot glue burns people, it hurts)...

((& my thumb clearly tells you this is not my first rodeo))


It's ready to glue when it can stand alone a little bit like this:


Now, it's glue time!

Hot, hot, hot!


It's important to always work under the supervision of a adult wiener important! 😉


After the glue is applied, gently press the seam on top (it's hot, be careful).


Notice how its uneven there, nothing that cannot be trimmed up.


To finish I punched holes and tied bakers twine (what I had on hand, you could use lots of different things). I originally planned to use thin elastic but it just wasn't working & I was running out of time, so we went with tying under the chin instead.


Simple, not fancy. You could totally do this!
They were definitely worth the time, they were hilarious!


So, there ya go!
Really simple & very fun adult party hats! 😉


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Let me know if you need any help with your party hats, they are so fun...
& thanks so much for stopping by to visit. ❤️
Have a beautiful afternoon, friends!