How To Tuesday...Turning Jeans Into Cuffed Capris Step By Step

February is finally over...
I can come out & be normal again!

It happens to me every year,
February sweeps through & freezes me solid!
For a couple of weeks I'm buried under quilts & wiener dogs,
huddled up next to the fire.

Rather than whine about it on my blog,
I just take an unofficial freezing break.

Snow may be in the forecast for tomorrow,
but I'm thawing out & MARCH IS HERE...

Daylight Savings changes this weekend!!
This weekend!!!!

Hip, hip, hooray!

(no, seriously...say it!!) ;)

Spring is coming &
we are going to get busy today with a productive craft project!

I LOVE Cuffed Jean Capris!

I love cuffed jean capris in the spring!
I love them in the summer too.
I also love them in the fall!

They are awesome for in between season wear,
especially perfect for a casual mama... 
cute with flats,
& tennies.

They can also be dressed up...


and they can even make your heart skip a beat. ;)

(sorry, yesterday was his birthday...)
(Bond on the brain) ;)


I think it's safe to say,
cuffed jean capris are my go to,
FAVORITE look for a casual day.

and you will be surprised to know that creating a pair yourself is actually pretty easy!

A few years ago I hunted up a tutorial on how to make my own after a closet cleaning spree that left me with a couple of pairs of jeans that would only look good with heels...and I hardly ever wear heels...

They turned out exactly like I wanted &
three years later they are still the MOST WORN pants in my whole closet!

Want to make some?
Let's hop over to the original post &
I'll show you,

They really are easy...
just get Bond off the brain first. ;)

Cuffed Jeans Capri Tutorial

Thanks for stopping by to visit How To Tuesday,
let's go get after it!


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