Just Julep...

For a long time I thought Julepwas just a nail polish brand.
(one that I liked & used because they are toxin free)

A few months ago a friend of mine was sharing their love for Julep lipstick...

(& certainly if you know me in real life then you're aware of my crazy obsession with pretty, moisturized lips).

Well, I bought, tested & have fallen IN LOVE with the Julep Plush Pout Lip Crayon!! They're like the cubby stick that Clinique makes (which I also love), but the color seems to last better for me.

My lips have been plush & pouty & moisturized for weeks...
such happiness!!! 

Well, you can imagine how excited I was when Julepgot in touch with me about sharing the love on my blog! Today I have some offer codes to share, but in the future I will have a few FREE goodies to give away (why, yes...thank you...we would love that)...

Certainly on Julep.com you can shop all you want to, but on their website they offer this really fun program called Maven. You can sign up to receive a box of goodness EVERY month. I love goodness every month, don't you!! Let's face it, mamas work hard! We DESERVE a treat! ;)

You can PICK what you want in your box.
You can chose to SHIP your box to a friend as a gift,
You can also chose to just SKIP the month if you want.

I did a program like this a few years ago, I can't remember the name but I did it for 3-4 months and cancelled because it a surprise box & I never seemed to get anything I really wanted or needed. The MAVEN box is different because YOU GET TO CUSTOMIZE your box!

Here are a few Maven options that Julep offering in March...
You will get 
you just pay $2.99 shipping!

Click on the box that you like to order.

Julep Beauty Inc.

Julep Beauty Inc.

Julep Beauty Inc.

Julep Beauty Inc.

I also noticed that they are offering a LUCKY MYSTERY BOX in honor of St Patrick's Day (& since my birthday is on St Patty's day, I felt it was my duty to share). It's a SURPRISE box filled with $100 worth of products for just $24.99. It expires on MARCH 13TH, so hurry & grab yours!

Snag yourself a pot of mystery LUCKY BOX here:
Lucky March Mystery Box

Julep Beauty Inc.

How about that!
It sure was sweet of them to share these fun FREE deals!
Thanks, Julep!

It's pretty damp this week &
my painting project is taking longer than I planned...
here's a peek though:

She's so sassy! ;)

I'll be sharing this project soon.
I'll also be back to share this bit of updating that we are doing at P Daddy's office (finally, I am of some use to him there). But first I will have to put this hateful chandelier together & feed my poor, neglected children. ;)

Thanks for stopping by today, friends!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!