Monday Motivation & Random Nonsense...

Happy Monday!!!
Oh, I wish!

I definitely need coffee, Jesus & a fire lit under my behind this morning!

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I love that!

Look again!
There is nothing you cannot do!

I've been running feverishly through this house for two weeks trying to store winter things, get out spring things & just organize in general. Being organized at home gives me an energy rush like none other...I LOVE to get off the bench & into the ballgame by getting a leg up on this messy house!

Last week I moved all my eBay & Etsy selling operations upstairs in a little corner up in my craft room (something I have wanted to do FOREVER)...

I would love to have one of those craft rooms that was just so beautiful & organized that I could share & y'all would say "ooohhhhh". If I ever post a picture of my craft room that way, you can be assured right now that it would be the BIGGEST LIE I've ever told! My craft room is a hot mess of fabric, paper, ribbons, pinks, blues, sunny colors & mis-matching hobo is a crazy place!

That's just how my creativity flows,
I get in that hot mess, shut the door
& that it is where the magic happens!

It's my happy place!
No apologies! ;)


I ordered a pair of these Jack Rogers sandals.
They almost lost me in the title:
Jack Rogers Georgica Jelly Sandals...

The reviews raved & raved of their cuteness & how comfy...
I'll let you know how I like them.

Here's a link if you want to check them out...

Jack Rogers Georgica Jelly (Silver/Gold) Women's Sandals

If they're "all that" I might order the blue too, those are darling!!

and I am debating about this Floral Kimono thing...
(tapping my finger on my chin...)
the fringe is intriguing,
the price is delightful...$19.99.

What do you girls think, could I pull that off?

I've seen similar ones in some local shops (not for $19.99)...
I might try this one out...

P Daddy took Owen & his buddy to a Football Combine yesterday.
(look at the arms on these boys, good gracious)

If you're interested in playing college football,
a Combine needs to be on your to do list.

This is a type of football camp where you participate individually in different events; 40 yd dash, 20 yd shuttle run, broad jump, vertical jump, etc and they give you a "verified" time or number for each one. This "official assessment" allows scouts and recruits to find you easier, as you will be listed on the Combine's ranking list for that session and if you have a recruiting page you can say that your times are verified & that's important. This adventure has been pretty wild (& we are literally just getting started), people are serious like I have never even encountered! It is cut throat competitive in college football, that is for sure!

it was a pretty big day!

P Daddy said there were probably a thousand boys there!
He kept me updated with pictures
& a play by play of the entire thing...

So funny!

I love that man,
he makes me laugh! ;)

Well, speaking of Crazytown...
I am going to be on the train for it soon if I don't get out of this chair & get busy!

I will be back tomorrow to show you a fun How To Tuesday tutorial on how to make a custom photo PARTY HAT!!

My daddy makes the best model, don't you think?
You won't want to miss this one! ;)

Happy Monday, Crazytown Friends!!