Spring Accessories...from Stella & Dot

About five or so years ago I had opportunity to be a Stella & Dot Stylist, peddling their beautiful jewels. ;)

It was SO much fun!

It was a time in my life when I just felt meh,
frumpy & just bland.

I wore the same boring earrings & necklace everyday,
didn't have the first clue how to accessorize anything.

I got brave,
booked a show
& immediately just fell in love!

Never again would I feel meh & frumpy wearing jeans and a tee shirt because I now had a necklace or some sassy earrings to pull it all together...it was the best feeling! It's just crazy how the right accessory can change your whole look!

While I was a stylist,
I made some great friends,
attended some really fun parties,
and collected some GORGEOUS jewelry
(that I still wear all the time 5+ years later)!

It was great fun &
I have really missed that part.

So NOW...
I am just tickled to death to be an affiliate for Stella & Dot on my blog!

This means that I am NOT a stylist for Stella & Dot but I am able to potentially earn a small commission by sharing their beautiful products with my favorite people (that's you, sweet blog readers ♥)...

Y'all know I love to toot a horn for things I genuinely adore...

I can promise you when you buy from them,
you will never be disappointed!

You can buy with confidence knowing that this company makes only the highest quality jewelry, they stand behind their product & will replace it if ANYthing goes wrong.

They offer a $5.95 flat shipping fee,
FREE exchanges & returns,
and most importantly,
they SHIP at the speed of light...
it's seriously like they have a jewelry teleport machine! ;)

I will be sharing a Dressing Mama post about spring accessories soon
(actually, I'm considering starting a whole new blog called Dressing Mama...in my spare time, of course).
(I'm taking applications for a clone & stunt double)...
I'll be featuring some Stella & Dot and several more brands.

Do check back for that one soon,
in the mean time you can click on this picture below
to see all the jewels, bags & gorgeous scarves that Stella & Dot has to offer.

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit today,
I've got to get my messy clothes on & finish some painting.

I'll be back to tell y'all about these two priss pots soon.

(& please contain your raging jealousy over my beautiful, clean garage) ;)

Happy Taco Tuesday, friends!
(Taco, it's what's for dinner!)