Makeover in the Kiddie Room...Pryor Family Dentistry

For someone who "doesn't work", I have a lot of "jobs"!

Aside from being a full time mama and running this crazy household, I have this blog, I do commissioned painting, I sell on Etsy, sell on eBay and I "work" for P Daddy's office, Pryor Family Dentistry. I help take care of his public relations, advertising, Facebook, I do some supply shopping, running errands, a little decorating and pretty much anything else he needs done that doesn't involve talking on the phone. Whew!

This year is his TENTH year as a dentist in Lebanon (after serving three in the Air Force), so we have been busy making updates & changes around the office to celebrate. 

He got me busy working on the Kid Waiting room recently & I'm pretty tickled with how it's turning out. It's not completely finished, but I wanted to share the progress all the same.

This enclosed room was originally intended to a consult room, but somewhere along the way it turned into a room for our little people patients (& as a mama, I know I appreciate having a space to wait where the little darlings are not bothering other adults & cannot get away). 

Anyway, it was just kind of a dreary place...dark, bland, eh! 

I was right tickled to make some changes in that frumpy little room!
Here are some before pictures,
compliments of my high school son. ;)

There is a storage closet in this little room that has housed Christmas decorations for years. The first thing we did was find a new home for that stuff & fill that monster closet up with toys! 

(Notice my E is the very best little helper...seated & staying out of mama's way) ha!

One Friday (Dr P Daddy does surgery at the hospital on Friday, so the dental office is closed), I got in there & painted while the children were off at school. 

I decided to use Sherwin Williams Napery, a yummy, light buttery color. The darker original paint is called Buckwheat by Porter Paints. 

(Before P Daddy could pop in & stop me), I got crazy & broke out out the chalkboard paint too! ;)

It snowed...

We had a lovely ice storm & we were stuck at home for a solid week! 

But, it sure was beautiful!

While we were snowed in I worked on painting this cute little table that I snagged for $15...

And I ran a makeshift redneck ski resort for snowed in high school boys...

And children...

Fun times! 

Once it melted off I was back up at the office putting things together...

I added this darling fabric banner made by my sweet friends Angel & Amy of TaDaCreations.

Found these awesome red leather cube for seating on Zulily for $50 (for BOTH)...

I LOVE them paired with that $15 table painted in Southern Honey Chawk Paint (local friends can find this brand at Hadley & Finn on the square). 

The buckets, coloring books & toys came from home...outgrown by our babies.

The chalkboard wall...

It has obviously been a busy spot since it was painted, no doubt about that!

I also found this super cool old map that I attempted to wallpaper to the wall...

Not just any wall,
A curved wall ((that made me say bad words)).

WILL it last? 
We will find out!
But in the meantime, 
I'm liking its spunk!

These black leather chairs were already in here & are on their way out as soon as I find a suitable replacement. 

They do look fine, but this pair is part of a set of chairs that we are going to use in the new addition of the office once it is completed. 

Here's a peek:

It's pretty!! ❤️

The only thing left is having the flat screen tv mounted to the wall... 

However, I'm sure parents have enjoyed giving their children a history lesson on how to operate a VHS cassette tape on the little fat boy telly. Ha!!

Bless it! 
That's old school, baby! ;)

Here's are some before & after shots:

It is SO AMAZING what $37 worth of paint can do for a room!!

And speaking of before & afters...
Did I mention that this baby had a birthday last week? The little trout hasn't changed a bit! ❤️

Well, there it is...

Pictures of the Kid Room Makeover, 
Straight from my phone!

It's certainly not anything fancy, but it is brighter, cleaner & not nearly as scary in there now. 

Want to see it in person?
You can make an appointment by calling 615-444-7999 or request an appointment online at 

Thanks for stopping by today, friends! 
I'm headed back upstairs to the craft room to see if I can get these two to be friends...

Please, guys!!! ❤️
(I repel technology...sigh). 

Happy Thursday!