I survived Lilly for Target #PinkSunday (Beach Towel Giveaway)

I'm going to blog about it, because it was so ridiculous...

AND because I came away with a little something to share as a GIVEAWAY for one of my readers. ;)
I survived the Lilly for Target 2015 (slash) Hunger Games Sunday!

You guys might remember my excitement for this event, you might even recall me encouraging you to "plan your shopping strategy", to "get a game plan" in place.

You guys thought I was joking, didn't you...

Plan or no plan, even I was I was completely unprepared for the way people acted on Sunday morning when this collection was launched!

MAYBE they were crazy because they'd been up all night trying to score just one nibble online...

I had read that the collection would go live online "in the wee hours" on Sunday morning.

My "plan of action" was to get everything I wanted online & go right back to bed, boom, done. I took a nap from 9-12 Saturday night so that I could do just that!

Oh, I was confident...
I was ready...

and I was completely unable to score a single thing!

The website just ran & ran, meanwhile on twitter people were tweeting of their triumphant scores of shift dresses & wedge sandals...while the rest of us whined & said bad words!

If you know anything about me at all, you know I do not mess around about my sleep!
By 2:30 I decided this whole thing was a joke & I was going to bed...

which gave me plenty of rest for the 8am opening at my local store! ;)

Rested & armed with a new "plan of action", I brought Olivia along to help me.

I "coached" her all the way to the store explaining what items we were after & who was going after what...

We arrived at our Target around 7:30 and there were about 12 people in line already. I could not believe my eyes! From the pictures I had seen on twitter that morning, I just knew we were WAY late for the party!

I hoped to score SOMETHING while we were there, but more than anything I just wanted to have fun with the experience because Olivia begs every year to go shopping on Black Friday (& y'all know I don't need anything that bad). "Camping out" waiting for a store to open in sunshine & flipflops...I got a little time for that! ;)

We joked with people in line with us & had fun while we waited, but as 8am approached the mood started to turn serious (I tried to type that with a straight face, y'all) and I found myself cracking my knuckles & stretching like an Olympic contender...it was comical!

When the doors opened Miss O headed straight for shoes & bags and I followed the little crowd to the two tiny racks of clothing available in the women's department. Because most of that crowd passed the rack & headed back to Homegoods, I was one of the first to reach the clothing pieces. I found the Nosey Posie maxi in my size, Owen's girlfriend's size, the jumper my sister was after, and a shift for Miss O all in about 30 seconds.

As I was stepping away from the racks it started turning crazy, people grabbing several of the same thing! I stood there & watched as the entire collection vanished in under two minutes and walked away as people were STILL coming in the front door to see what was available! Even if Target had limited one garment per customer, there was still not enough to meet the customer demand!

Olivia was the first to reach the bag section and was able to snag the bag she was after, plus two we wanted to give as gifts, and the one I wanted to claim as my new gym bag before two elderly grandmothers shoved her out of the way & grabbed the rest of them!

The scene up front was turning to distress & hysterics, so we grabbed a cart and headed back to see what was left in the Homegoods section (where we were able to pick up a couple of beach towels & the HAMMOCK that I decided I didn't need & already returned to the store this week).

Back in Home & Garden I saw people literally RUNNING to get there, only to find that display table nearly empty just like the rest of the racks...

our score was greeted with glares & looks of death as we headed for the checkout line...(which was kinda funny, I won't lie...). Ha

I scored major "cool mom" points when Olivia announced that #LillyForTarget was the top trending topic on Twitter & she was right in the middle of the excitement!

As went headed to breakfast Twitter was blowing up...

In all honesty, the ridiculousness of it made me feel awful that I found anything at all!

Which leads me to the GIVEAWAY...

We snagged TWO beach towels & I let Olivia keep one.

The extra towel (the coveted Sea Urchin For You print) is for one of you guys. :)

How can you win it?

Do you have to follow me on Twitter? Na, but you can. ;)
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All you have to do (really) is COMMENT right here on this blog entry & you will be entered to win. That's right, just simply ONE ENTRY per person...

A winner will be announced on Sunday afternoon & this sassy towel will be in the mail to you first thing on Monday morning.

If you're eyeballing an item on eBay, WAIT IT OUT.
Those scalpers only have 14 days to return their Lilly for Target items, after that their "inventory" starts to lose value & they'll be forced to lower their prices. From inspecting the pieces that I was able to purchase that morning, not a bit of it is worth the prices on eBay right now...it's just regular Target quality in pretty colors.

Don't forget to leave a comment, I want someone to win this pretty towel! ;)

Thanks for stopping by today, friends!