Motivation on Monday...{Get After It With All Your Heart}

Good Monday Morning!!

I'm headed to the gym this morning to try & get back into my routine...I am in dire need of motivation! ;)
The kids & I caught this cute little movie, Ice Princess over the weekend. (yes, we are major movie freaks)
One of the lines from this movie really caught my attention...

When Casey's Coach Tina (played by Kim Cantrell) tells her the secret to competitive skating...she says:
"skate with your whole heart"

When I think back on my life so far, anything I have ever really been successful at I did it with my whole heart. Rather it be being a mom, a wife, a teacher, a seamstress, a blogger, or whatever...the things I have not been successful at, well...if I'm honest it was because I didn't do them with my whole heart & even worse, I let my hearing disability keep me from doing it with my whole heart.

Shame on me.

Monday's motivation is do it with all your heart...always!

Do it with all your heart // Colossians 3:23

Go on out there, friends...get after it! ;)

Happy Monday!