Motivation on Monday...{You're Beautiful}

Good Monday Morning, beautiful friends!

I wanted to share a gem with you guys this morning. I ran up on a new blog last week that I just instantly fell in love with!

Bravehearted Beauty
Linsey has shared a few really good posts about self love...I had been up & down multitasking around the house that day, but when I started reading that blog entry I immediately found myself sinking back down into my chair...because, sadly...this is something I struggle with every single day (& it was such a relief to realize that someone else does too).

Being a mama is hard work and it's really easy to let this "Pinterest Perfect Mom Image" become an important standard for us moms to strive to live up to...leaving us feeling frustrated like we are not good enough...leaving us feeling ugly inside. Linsey's posts were about removing that ugly self hatred from your heart and learning to love yourself as He loves you & I think all of us mamas need that reminder every now & then.

You work so hard being kind to others and helping others, 
don't forget to be kind and love yourself...

You is kind, you is smart, you is important. We can all use this reminder.

 You really are!

Have a beautiful, blessed Monday!

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