Reviving Some Pitiful Looking Outdoor Chairs With MinWax

Several years ago we bought these fabulous wooden Adirondack chairs to put out by the pool.

When they first arrived, they were such a pretty honey brown...oh, they were beautiful!

Fast forward eight very busy years with three kids,
three dogs,
a bunch of cats
& a million other projects...

They've been loved & used all over the yard, but they've never gotten any love in return.
This season these poor girls were really looking rough, it was time to take action!

Enter left over Minwax 70013 1 Quart Wood Finish Interior Wood Stain, Ebony
(because you guys know I'm going to use up what I have instead of going to buy fresh paint)

You might remember me talking about this stain when I used it recently on Linlee's armoire. 

Well, I ended up having just enough to add some color to these chairs. No, I did not sand anything first...I'm way too lazy for that! ;)

After the stain dried, I went back over them and added a nice coat of POLY to protect it (which is something I should have done to these chairs years ago)...

I used Minwax 63010 Fast Drying Polyurethane Clear Satin Finish, Quart

This was perfect for these chairs, the satin finish added a sheen but they were not glossy!

P Daddy tightened up all the hardware (which tends to get loose when kids are dragging stuff all over the yard) and now these girls are feeling prissy out on the patio!

I found these happy outdoor pillows at Homegoods recently.

I'm all kinds of crazy for pineapple! ❤️

They do look darling in the midst of chaos on our back porch! šŸ˜‰

I am SOOOOO excited!

We are FINALLY turning this funky,
beat you down with the afternoon sun spot into a screened in porch (slash) room...

Don't ask me about it, I will not shut up
Here's the "doorway" from the outside.
We had the ceiling re-done & stained last year...I so LOVE that beadboard ceiling!

Pretty soon we will be able to sit outside cat, dog & mosquito free & enjoy some of this...

& I'm nearly delirious with excitement thinking about all the naps on the porch we will enjoy this summer (& when I say we, I mean ME)!! ❤️❤️❤️

Here's the product list for reviving those chairs, you can click on these pictures to order via Amazon right here on the blog (Amazon Prime, it's the only way to & free!). :)

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit. I'll keep you guys posted on this project!

Have a beautiful Wednesday!