Why I Gave Up Facebook...

You guys know when I get something on my mind, I just have to come to the blog & spit it out. I'm sure this post seems silly (because it so is), but I don't want anyone to be looking for me on Facebook & think they have been unfriended (which is so crass & just ugly, in my opinion).


I have been busy this past week getting my ducks in a row so that I could close down my personal Facebook page. The fact that it has taken DAYS to accomplish this, clearly tells me that this site is indeed the "time sucking hobby" that I thought it was.

I've spent two days trying to decide on a title for this post.
I was considering:

Facebook, I'm outta here...
Fed Up With the F3 (Fake Facebook Friends)
Facebook is an Unsparkly Vampire 
Facebook , Hiss, Spit...

I know a ton of people use Facebook.

They use Facebook everyday...some all day long! My blog gets more visits from this social media site than any other site I share on. It's a GREAT way for a business or a blog to reach your audience for free & I absolutely LOVE to interact with Crafty Southern Mama friends on Facebook!

But all at the same time, I absolutely hate Facebook.

I often wonder how many businesses, friendships, and even marriages have been completely ruined or destroyed by Facebook.

This social media site is a great place to connect with people "socially", but it really is the wrong place to connect "personally" (& real friendships are supposed to be personal). Think about how many "friends" that you have on this site...how many of them are actually your real, true "friends"?

This past week I caught the movie Mean Girls on tv & it really got me to thinking about Facebook because the dynamics of social interaction are so similar on this social site, especially with females.

When you are not face to face, it's SO easy to misinterpret what someone is trying to say. Just like in the movie there are all these different types of "Facebook friends" (that absolutely drive me up the wall) & I will tell you right now,  I am guilty of being every single one of these types of "friends" myself!

The Share Everything Friend...you know the one, sharing two or three pictures is not enough, if they have something to share (& they always do), they share a minimum of 15-25 pictures to make SURE everyone understands that they (& their children) have a "social life".  (I'm guilty)

The Bad News Friend...the one who's "heart is broken for" & "they're prayers are with" someone who has endured a tragedy or an illness or a loss, but by "sharing their feelings" they're really just passing on bad news. (I have so done it)

The Holier Than Thou Friend...the one who's heart is in the right place, but manages to turn their biblical affections into an exhausting competition...one that just turns strugglers & non-believers away from any kind of "going to church". (Yep, Jesus has a mark by my name here)

The Political Rant Friend...yes, that one...the friend who thinks they are a political analyst for CNN. (Not often, but I'm guilty here too)

The Propaganda Pot Stirring Friend...the one who NEVER checks for facts or truth. They think just because it's published on the Internet, it's true. (Yes, the idiot police have issued a warrant in my name)

The Spam My Business (or *cough*, blog) Friend...the one who neglects to start a separate Facebook page to share their business or blog & just spams till the cows come home! (I've never done this...ahem). ;)

The Frienemy Friend...the friend who you know through your kids school, sports, the gym, church or where ever that you become Facebook friends with only to find out that you don't really like them that much after all...you don't agree with anything they say or share...or worse, they are die hard bandwagon fans of a rival football team! (Strike me down, I am guilty, guilty, guilty).

The point is...

I'm human and I'm guilty of all of these really annoying things...I bet you are guilty of a few of them too!
And just like the dynamics of Mean Girls, we all need to be called into the gym for a meeting...

except there's no apology confession time in the grown up world & all of these different personalities are running around unsupervised and unfiltered behind a computer screen...

Why did I give up my personal Facebook?

Basically, I just don't have time for all of it anymore.

 I want my life back!

We bought a new computer recently and I've been working on saving all my pictures and documents on the old one (I'm starting to think this will take all summer).

Going through all these old photos reminded me of how I used to have time to enjoy my life & enjoy my family before I was so entirely consumed & caught up in seeing what was happening on Facebook.

My life was pretty simple & entirely about people I wanted to spend my time with.
I want that back!

Does this mean I don't want to be friends with you?
Not at all!
It means I want to be friends in real life.
I want to run into you and you tell me what's going on because I haven't seen it on Facebook already.

Does this mean I think YOU need to give up Facebook?
NO, I'm not that kind of friend.
You do what makes you happy!
Being on Facebook was not making me happy and I just do not have time for it in my life anymore....(plus, if you give up Facebook you won't see me spamming my blog antics over there).  ;)

So, there it is...

No one has been "unfriended" or "blocked".

Crafty Southern Mama is on Facebook, but Mandy personally is not (anymore). ❤️

And now that there's no Unsparkly Facebook Vampire consuming my life...I'm headed outside with my kids to play (because "I'm not like a regular mom, I'm a cool mom")
((forgive me, I couldn't resist))... ;)

Thanks for stopping by to visit, friends!