Guest Blogger...In the Kitchen With Kim (& Her Gorgeous Painted Cabinets)

((Waving)) Hello, friends!!
Ah, the last day of school is upon us! The last lunchbox has been packed! Mama is becoming sane once again (for a few weeks anyway).
I'm so tickled to (finally) share a guest blogger post with you guys! I've been after my sister for months to come & be a guest on my blog! She is the most interesting, talented (& hilarious) person...I spend most of my time trying to copycat everything she wears, says & does! 😉
If you know her in real life you will snort laughing at the fibbing in her intro todayI She can say what she wants, but we all know there's no one cooler than her!
I'll turn it over to the other Crafty Southern Mama now, here's "In the Kitchen With Kim"...
(Part One)
Hi, I'm Kim!
I'm The Crafty Southern Mama’s less crafty (and much less interesting) little sister.
I have been daydreaming for about a year now (since Mandy showed me the ways of furniture painting) of trying my hand at painting my kitchen cabinets.
We live in a cozy little house on a cozy little mountain in Chattanooga, TN.
My kitchen is cozy as well and it’s outfitted with brown, blah, boring builder grade wood cabinets.

I have always dreamed of crisp white cabinets, glossy subway tiles and a sleek, dark stone counter in my cozy kitchen...
I have it saved 457 different ways on Pinterest...
I don’t know why, but it’s what I like.
SO, I got brave recently & did it!
{well the top part of it anyway}.
I saved up my funds and we took a trip to downtown Chickamauga, GA to Sophie’s to pick up some Annie Sloan chalk paint {followed by a fun family trip to the Chickamauga National Battlefield Park}.
I chose Annie Sloan Old White and clear wax for my upper cabinets.
It took about three weeks to do the upper cabinets, sneaking it in when I could between work, kids and life. I cut some corners here and there, knowing that we would be one day replacing the counters and painting the walls.
I discovered that using Glad Press’n Seal was a way to really cut some corners when it comes to your hinges and protecting the things in your cabinets (that’s right, I left everything in there).
I removed the doors and old hardware, but left the hinges on the doors. I wrapped the hinges with Glad Press’n Seal to protect while painting...
It was a HUGE time saver!
I gave my silver door hardware an update with my trusty Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze Paint + Primer spray paint {acquired at my local cozy mountain Ace Hardware store}.

My upper cabinets ended up requiring 4 coats to get the finish I wanted. I literally used every drop of those two cans of chalk paint!

{But I must confess that I did go off on a sidebar...look a squirrel...& paint the pedestal of my favorite round table with Old White while I was at it}

I lightly sanded with a sand block and went back over with steel wool to get a lightly distressed/rustic finish.

Here are some before shots….
And after…..
I'll have to wait & save up to buy my paint and supplies for the bottom cabinets (thus being Part One of my kitchen blogging adventure).

Here's a few pictures of the Old White cabinets on top, I cannot believe what a difference this paint has made! It took some time, but it was really not hard to do at all.

For the bottom, I plan to use Annie Sloan Paris Grey. I estimate I will need 4 cans for that job, and I cannot wait to show you what it looks like when I get it done!

Thanks for stopping by to visit in my little cozy kitchen, I'll be back to share more about this big project soon.