How To Tuesday...{End of the Year LUNCHBOX Survival}

Good morning!

Today I've got a list a mile long that includes digging in the yard, cleaning out my nasty car, prep cooking, getting a shower, THEN running some errands after school!

It's a power packed busy day!

One of my big goals for the day is to make enough sandwiches to put in the freezer to last us until the end of the school year.

I am so tired of packing lunches, I can't even think of anything nice to say about it (except it is ALMOST OVER)!

I shared this post, Operation Lunchbox back in the fall and it received SO many visits! Because it's warming up here in Tennessee & these are perfectly thawed by lunchtime, I decided to bring it back for an End of the Year LUNCHBOX Survival post.

Click HERE to visit the original post.

Grab some bread and fill your freezer with end of the year sammiches all quick, fast & in a hurry! ;)

I'm heading out to dig.
Thanks for stopping by.

Y'all have a beautiful Tuesday!