Monday (Mid Day) Motivation & a Few Nibbles


Monday took off like a rocket this morning & I am just sitting down to blog!
It was a gorgeous Mother's Day weekend! I hope all of my sweet mama friends got love & kisses all weekend long!

My peeps had me feeling like "the most specialist" mom in the world!

We made it to church & my heart was bursting to see two of our young people be baptized after the service. What a wonderful Mother's Day gift! ❤️

We got to spend time with my mama & P Daddy's mama, Little Debby...

Later (long story short), I THOUGHT we would be in Nashville for something else (no, McFly...wrong weekend) so I made us a reservation at one of my favorites places for an early dinner...Kobe Steakhouse
(early because you want that time to walk it off, oh mercy).

We went anyway, it was DEEEEE-licious!

It was just a great day with people I love & I hope yours was great as well! ❤️

In other weekend news...

Our beautiful new porch is almost finished & has already been vandalized by an evil, wretched wiener dog!
I could just rip up a sheet or something, I am SO mad!

Ugh, Bad!
Bad dog!

I'll be talking more about it (the porch, not that hateful dog) later this week.

I've been using my favorite app, My Fitness Pal quite a bit (I told y'all I was going on a diet after that moo town picture at the Country Living Fair). It is literally THE ONLY WAY I can ever lose any weight! I'm terrible about nibbling, stress eating, etc. This app really makes me pay attention to how much I eat, because I have to log in every bite. It also reminds me to DRINK more water & that is so important (especially for old ladies like me).

They have recently added this step tracker to the app & that's something I've never cared anything about, but now I'm obsessed with how many steps I've taken (don't act like you didn't already know I was crazy) & I'm thinking I might want a Fitbit.
Do you have one?

I don't feel all the love for that rubber bracelet thing, but I would wear this:

Ahem...I'm just sayin

I've reached rock bottom here...

I am so beyond sick of packing lunches!!

Evan will be walking six inches off the ground (as he is so beyond sick of the lunches I'm packing)...

Well, I was lazy (& busy having fun) this weekend & my house is a disaster today. I've got to go get a few things done before I pick up the kids.

Motivation for this Monday...
Because you guys ought to know by now,
YOU ARE good enough! ❤️


Perfect is such a disillusioned word...I am all for Good Enough!

Wishing y'all a beautiful Monday afternoon!

I'll be back with a project AND a special guest blogger (I'm so excited!!!)...