Motivation on Monday...Positive Thoughts & Prom Pictures

Good Monday Morning!

I'm up trying to rub the crust out of my little eyes, I have so much to do on this gorgeous Monday morning!

I survived Prom weekend!

I didn't cry until the little darlings drove off in the limo. It just hit me like a rock!
This is really happening...he really is growing up...I still don't know how that got here so quick!


I saw dozens of prom pictures on Instagram & Twitter yesterday and I just have to say that Owen's date was probably the prettiest one there (sorry, but it's true).
She looked like a classic 1940's Hollywood starlet on the red carpet, a classic, timeless beauty! ❤️


I heard she spent some time with my friend, Nikki of Doll Face Event Ready Makeup & Spray Tan.

I might need to get a hook up there...maybe she can turn me into something gorgeous like that!

Of course, you can't go to the prom without your little brother...
poor Pootie, they showed him the door!

Well, it's going to be easy to be POSITIVE this morning! Clear, beautiful blue skies & the high of 84...oh, my goodness!!

I ran up on this quote this weekend:

"Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change."

Think you are good enough, smart enough, skinny enough, pretty enough...because YOU ARE. ❤️

Fill your mind with positive thoughts & go out there on this beautiful Monday and GET AFTER IT!

I'll be back after lunch to talk about Teacher Appreciation Week (something I definitely need to get after, yikes)!

Have a beautiful day, friends!