The Screened in Porch {is slowly coming together} Post...

Oh, y'all!

I am so in love with our new screened in porch! I have been begging for years to have this done, a screened in porch is right up there on my list of favorites...a high favorite, right under coffee!! ❤️


I was so tickled to death that our good friend, Brad Chessor (of Bradley Homes) had an opening in his busy schedule last month. He came out & whipped this porch into shape in under a week!

Unfortunately, I regret to have to tell you right off that we have ALREADY had a fatality out there! Little Patti got herself locked inside one afternoon & brutally assaulted the screen door trying to get out! (See below)

((Major frown)) ((& bad words)) (((maybe a tear or two as well)))...sigh...


P Daddy hasn't noticed it yet. He will have an aneurism for sure! I'm on Brad's list to have it repaired. Between these kids & these dogs...ugh, I can't even!

Well, now that it's finished(ish) I'm starting to think about how to decorate it.
Since this project is in the major BEFORE stage, I thought it would be fun to share what this space really looked like before the magic happened. (Snort, let's all pretend like I'm a major decorating magician here...)

Now, y'all know me well enough to know that I'm going to shop around my WHOLE HOUSE first before I'm going to go spend any money on a decorating project (especially one that's outside).

((Brace yourself...))

Cue the ragtag hobo assortment of outdoor porch furniture...


(& Contain your jealousy over that camo dog bed, please...)

I have a much bigger rug to use out here, but it's in my living room right now (yes, I have an outdoor rug in my living room) & I'm not moving it out here until I find a replacement for the one in the house.


I was considering buying a real wicker sofa on Craig's List (because I adore real wicker)...
But then I got to thinking about the sofa we already had on the front porch (that no one ever sat on besides the dog).

This wicker sofa came from Target several years ago. It's HUGE & it's perfect for stretching out and taking a nap (just trust me here).

Owen was home earlier today, so I had him move it for me (again...he put it on the front porch for me last year). He's so kind (and strong).

The sassy little drop leaf table I snagged from a friend & fellow painting fool for $60. The legs on this girl!!! Oh, I love sassy legs!


I'm planning on painting it, but I haven't decided how just yet.
Any suggestions?

The chairs are iron with pleather covered seats. We used these in our kitchen back when we were a family of four.  They're really nice. I'm going to paint them all to match the off white one & then recover all the seats.


Eventually, we'd like to put a TV on the wall next to the door (the "good ole, safe, boring brown" door) & there's even been talk of a faux fireplace right there as well (I would never come inside).

Right now I'm not feeling the love for that reclaimed wood sofa table...I do want it out here for serving purposes though. I might have to paint that piece or maybe put a burlap skirt on it...

This fall when outdoor goods go to clearance, I'm hoping to score some OUTDOOR DRAPES...I've got my eye on some at Ballard right now! They would be SO fetching out here & make it more private as well.


So, yeah...I've got a TON of work to do out here. But once I figure out what direction I want to take, everything will come together! (And besides, getting there is the fun part to me).


In the meantime, I'm just going to sit out here with my sweet tea & think about it.

((I'll keep you guys posted.))❤️

Wishing y'all a blessed, beautiful Friday.