Grandma's Big Kitchen Make Over...

Hello, friends!

I'm finally back to tell you all about an incredible makeover that my parents have done on their kitchen!

For most of the past year they have been working on it doing a lot of the work themselves and contracting out the bigger jobs (some things are best left to the professionals).

My parents live in an older home built in the 1960's. 

This is not the house I grew up in, I grew up in a farmhouse out in the country (it was heavenly). When I got married, literally the week after our honeymoon mama & daddy packed up and moved into town! {I guess they were ready for the big city life.}

Actually, the house they live in now belonged to my great-grandmother (we called her "Grandma) and this house is located next door to her daughter, my mama's mother's house (we called her "Granny", or sometimes "Little Granny"). {are you following me here}

Mama & Granny got to enjoy being neighbors for several years and my granny got to be right there when mama became a grandmother herself (we now call her "Grandma") and Little Granny taught her everything she knew about spoiling grand kids (because folks, she was a professional at spoiling grand kids).

This move for my parents ended up being a blessing because mama was right next door to take care of Granny during the last few months that she had cancer. God always has a plan and he knew what he was doing sending mama & daddy into town to be city folks.

Well, I've been trying to find a good before picture of mama's kitchen. You would think with this kitchen being in the family for 50 years that there would be a decent shot. ((& there probably is one, somewhere))

Here's one I found from a few years ago, you can see the dark knotted pine cabinets in the background.

Mama had painted her kitchen a very vibrant blue with accents of yellow and it was a bright, cheery spot for several years.

But, this kitchen was always a bit awkward with a counter that served as an eat-in bar that just ate up the entire middle of the room and a floor that was WAY long overdue for replacing.

Pretty soon, mama started thinking up things she'd like to do to her kitchen {since she was already going to have the floor ripped up}...(which makes perfectly good sense to me...YOLO). ;)

There were a lot of issues she wanted to address in the room.

Right at the top of her list were the awkward breakfast bar and the equally awkward cut-out dividing the room, the lack of light, those popcorn ceilings...

and this DOOR behind her fridge...who are you & why are you even here??

This was an exciting time for my daddy!
He loves a good project & was quick to get after it! ;)

He had the cabinet doors off, the awkward door sealed up & the cut-out in the ceiling ripped down in a matter of days...

and pretty soon after, that awkward choppy breakfast counter was gone too..."Bye, Felicia"!

now, right about this time the little kitchen update started turning into a  MAJOR home renovation project...

{cue Grandma freaking out & coming unhinged...(ha)...}

To distract herself, she got busy painting the cabinets...

Meanwhile holes got puttied, surfaces got smoothed....

The walls got a new coat of paint...(that totally does not match that floor, but that's ok because it's next on the list)...

Holy messes, Batman!!

But it was worth the mess...

Her new barn wood tile floor looks incredible!
(yes, that is TILE)

Elvis & Priscilla Pug hardly know what to looks like wood, but it's cool like tile...hmmmm.

The floor looks amazing & the white cabinets a make the room seem so much brighter!

Look at her kitchen NOW...light, bright & beautiful!

It's a crazy big change in there!

Here's another BEFORE shot...



Well, I'm going to leave you hanging right here...

because I am going to come back and tell you all about that creative, DIY wine bottle light fixture hanging over her sink (& then y'all will all know for sure where I got my crafty genes from). ;)

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit in Grandma's Kitchen, part two is coming soon!

Happy Thursday, friends!