Random Nibbles on Wednesday...{movies, projects, & possible Halloween costumes}

Hello, friends!!

I can't believe it's already Wednesday!!

The weather here has been absolutely glorious...
I have been super busy this week doing a ridiculous amount of random things around the house, nothing makes me happier than getting things done around the house!

The Big Pantry Pull Out 2015...it's on!

When we built this house (almost 10 years ago, how on earth...) it was somewhat "spur of the moment" (I know how ridiculous that sounds, but it's true).

I had just had Evan & I was trying to get a leg up on being a stay at home mom again after going back to teaching (for a minute, don't drink the water at that school)...

anyhow, everything about this ordeal was RUSHED when we built...P Daddy needed to know RIGHT NOW, what knob, what door, what color...{& this was before Pinterest, I might add}...mercy, it was all too much for my postpartum, sleep deprived new mommy brain to handle!

Somehow, someone opted to have wire shelving installed (blah) in all of the closets in this house and I have hated them since the day we moved in (hiss, spit)!

In the upcoming weeks, I'm going to be working on this...there will be paint, there will be wood, there will be ORGANIZATION....stay tuned! ;)

Yesterday, instead of washing my hair (some days, there's just no point)

I pulled it over into a side braid just for fun.

I liked it so much, I decided that I should be Katniss Everdeen for Halloween. (this is a picture of my actual hair do yesterday, true story...)

Upon announcing this at the dinner table, my children were quick to jump on board & assign roles to the rest of the family!

P Daddy, my beloved will be Peeta Mellark,
Olivia will be Prim (& her ugly cat, Reba will be Buttercup),
Evan wants to be Finnick Odair ("only if I get a trident", he said),
and it was decided that Owen, of course would be Haymich....

My family {has issues} is SUPER EXCITED about the upcoming Hunger Games movie coming out in November...that is one of our most favorite book/movie series!

And speaking of movies,

Pitch Perfect 2 is out on DVD!

I am so excited about this!
Have you seen it?

We saw this one when it was out at the theater (which is a huge deal because, I do not wear those uncomfortable closed captioned glasses for just anyone)...this movie, I think was even funnier than the first one...I was hee-haw laughing out loud!! & Since laughing is my absolute favorite, I plan to watch this at least twice this weekend (AND will bray like a donkey in the privacy of my own home)! ;)

My First Stitch Fix box arrived on Friday!!

This has been so much fun!
I ended up keeping everything they sent me for myself and for Olivia. I will have a full detailed report on Stylish Southern Mama tonight (or first thing in the morning).

In the mean time, go ahead check them out...Stitch Fix!

BIG High School Rivalry Game Week...

This is a HUGE week for our high school football team as we host a local county rival...Owen has been fired up talking about it & told me he FINALLY understood our dislike for Black & Gold after all these years (never had anything to do with Vandy). { & I know it's just Wednesday, but my nerves are already tore up!!}

and speaking of, Blue Devil friends....you need to order this divine BLUE gingham puffer VEST...right now!!! (you're welcome)

A Diy Lamp Tutorial...

is coming!

My mother is putting together a post for you guys to show how she made the GORGEOUS custom wine bottle light fixture (featured in her kitchen makeover post) that hangs over her kitchen sink. I figured since she made it, she could probably explain it better than me.

Grandma, guest blogger...coming soon! ;)

Speaking of LIGHTING...

I'm debating about what light to put in my pantry.

I have this  Ballard light fixture over the kitchen table:

The perfect chandelier for my breakfast room .. I love, love, love it!:

And we have some simple, plain pendant lights over the island (which I would love to change out some day)...

Should I go with the matching mini chandelier in the pantry?

Petite Claire Chandelier | Ballard Designs:

Or with something similar, but totally different?

I keep going back to this one...

Add a touch of glamour to your foyer or dining room with this elegant mini chandelier, featuring crystal accents and a tortoise shell finish.  ...:

Decisions, decisions....

Well, I've got to dash off here!

I'll be back to tell you guys about Stitch Fix over on Stylish Southern Mama AND

tomorrow, I'll be sharing my little pal, Maverick's ridiculously adorable Toy Story Birthday party...if you had wondered if there could be a party cuter than his FIRST birthday party...be assured that there certainly COULD!! ;)

Thanks for stopping by to visit, friends!

Have a glorious fall Wednesday!