Fun Weekend at the Country Living Fair!

Whew, it's been a busy weekend!

It was gorgeous Friday, so I hopped over the the much anticipated Country Living Fair when it opened. Oh, my goodness it was PACKED!


I was planning to just stay a couple of hours, but a couple of hours didn't put a dent in this event! It was HUGE & you honestly needed a full day to even see it all!


I saw some fabulous stuff, but ended up not even buying a thing! The vendors were either overpriced or very reasonable, but the line snaked around the corner to check out

I saw lots of these wood cutting boards (some reasonable, some priced ridiculous).


Cotton stems were the big "decorating element", they were vases, in clean & pretty!


I saw tons of TASSEL & stone necklaces (I'll have to break down & buy one eventually).


The one thing I regret not buying is one of these gorgeous wooden bowls. They were so cheap (giant ones for $34)!

I also loved these divine glass bobs...they were so pretty!
And then there were old books everywhere! (Books, maps & scales, I covet)...

Lots of natural elements, whites, linen, burlap mixed with silver platters, greenery, iron & transfer ware pottery.

Tons of recycled furniture, benches made from beds, etc...

A few lovely table arrangements...
And the art beautiful!
If I'd had $800 in my pocket, that gorgeous church would be hanging in my house right now! ;)
Aside from getting a chance to hang out with my beautiful friend, Lynda while I was there; the highlight of Country Living Fair Nashville was visiting the booth of my local friend, Christy Jo of The Strawberry Patch...(& yes, I am going on a diet now...moo town).
If you are local, make plans to visit the Strawberry Patch Barn Sale next month...May is smaller, but always worth the trip!
The one thing I didn't buy, but plan to order is this new paint I found...
I do love HGTV, but I just don't watch much television so I had no idea who these people were. I checked out several pieces of furniture that they had used this paint on, the finish was divine (& the price was nice at $28 a can). I'm going to order some & try it out. I'll keep y'all posted.
Well, I'm jumping in the shower to get ready for church. We have been awful about missing church lately & I'm worn out from being miserable about it. I miss my little church family. :(
Don't forget about the Lilly For Target beach towel, there's still time to enter to win!
You must visit & comment on the original post to be entered. I'll be announcing her new owner later today. ☺️
Thanks so much for stopping by to visit. If you're interested, today is the final day for the Country Living Fair Nashville (in Lebanon). The weather is not great, so I bet there won't be a huge crowd today.
Have a blessed Sunday! ❤️