Just a Few Things...{October Ramblings}

Hey there, friends! 
Happy Halloween Day!!

We are saying goodbye to one of our favorite months this weekend! 

The time changes tonight, sadly. It always makes me want to curl up into a fetal position & suck my thumb when it is dark at 5pm...I loathe the time change!!

This past October has been a glorious one though, the weather has been incredible! I sure do hope it's been awesome at your house too! 

I have been a busy beaver here listing winter things on eBay. This makes my 13th year as a seller there, which is really hard for me to believe...

I started selling when we were in the Air Force as a thrifty way to recycle my kids' outgrown clothes (because you know, when they are little they need a new wardrobe every season...dressing three kids is a full time job!). I would sell them, then use that money in my Paypal to purchase new (gently used) clothes for the next season. This simple strategy saved us a TON of money back then!

Selling on eBay has come a LONG way since those days & I love how easy it is to do now...I can list items right on my phone!

Yesterday I stopped by an estate sale & picked up these beautiful gold rimmed dishes, all three for $6!

Somewhere along the way I started a little collection of these plates. They're not anything fancy, but I think they are so pretty. 

Right now I am obsessed with THIS Coconut Oil!

It's so amazing, I'm considering carrying a jar of it in my purse! 

I put it in my coffee (deliciousness), I wash my face with it, and I also use it for a moisturizer. One day I shall cook with it, if I'm ever home to cook again...

Local peeps, I found this jar at Publix. You can also snag some on Amazon.com:
Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, 15 oz.


Jeffrey Dean Morgan showed up on The Good Wife recently & I don't have a problem with that at all! 

Obviously I never recovered from the death of Denny Duquette...

If you haven't seen The Goodwife, you're missing out! It comes on Sunday's at 8 on CBS...it's one of my favorite shows!

This child...
One day, this child will be grown & it will thrill me to death to drag this picture out to show anyone who will look at it! 
So precious!❤️

He is normally very fashion conscious & worried about his hair...he's very quirky, it's pure comedy! 

His dyslexia adventure continues to be an exciting story. This year in 3rd grade he's learning how to be a student who studies independently at home (which is very abstract & challenging for him). I was on pins & needles the whole first nine weeks anxious to see how he would do. We were so proud when he made the honor roll & was recognized for having a good attitude. (& he let me get a picture with him...#momwinning!!!) ❤️

I've really enjoyed having the house decorated for Halloween...

Last weekend my friend Carrie & I hosted a fun little party for our 8th graders...a good chunk of the class showed up, which was just awesome! 

P Daddy proudly helped me with the food table and was delighted that I used his tag line "Eat a Walker" in my Walking (Dead) Taco station. 
That man...
He cracks me up! 

Last night was the last home game of the season...sending me into a major panic fret because the "senior year" train is now tooting its horn & I am SO not ready for it!


I'm just going to try my best to plan ahead so we can enjoy every minute of that milestone in his life. We are so proud of that kid!

Well, I'm going to wrap it up here because it's almost time to get my costume on & embarrass my kids! #liveforit

I hope you guys have an awesome, not so scary Halloween!

Thanks for stopping by to visit!