Simple & Fun Teacher Appreciation Ideas

It's Teacher Appreciation Week!

Your child's teacher spends almost as much time with them as you do during the school year and sending them a little token or note to say "thanks" means more than you will ever realize.

When I taught first & second grade (before I had kids of my own), they were so beloved to me. A lot of those kids are grown now (how dare they) and I still get emotional thinking about their accomplishments that I witnessed with my own eyes (that their parents did not). Teaching was ALWAYS fun, but it is HARD WORK! Good teachers LOVE their students and it is SO important to let them know how much you appreciate them genuinely caring for your child (because they do & they're definitely not in it for the money).
Since all three of our kids started at new schools this year, I failed to do this activity with them (I'm a loser this year, sorry)...but I will be back on my game next year, watch out! ;)

It's a simple questionnaire that you can send to their teacher at the beginning of the year to learn more about them. I've used one similar to this printable in just a simple email form (that way they could open, reply, send, move on).

If you're a printable lover, this one is super cute!

4 gifts that teachers ACTUALLY want (told by teachers!)

Having that in my Family Notebook saved me time & again throughout the year and I think their teachers were touched that I even cared what their favorite things were.

I found some really CUTE Teacher Appreciation ideas on Pinterest that I wanted to share with you guys. Some of them are big, some are simple & cheap...ALL of them are something that you can recreate yourself (fancy printable not necessary, just add a simple handwritten note).

I think this is would be super cute, especially now that strawberries are in season...local friends, Lester Farms on Coles Ferry has been selling them this week.

Top 10 Tuesday: Teacher Appreciation Gifts - Design, Dining + Diapers

I love this one because my own oven mitt is a ratchet hobo & I would love a new one...I bet a teacher would love a new one too!

EOS You're the Balm Teacher Thank You Tags - simple as that

This one makes me laugh & would be SO PERFECT with pancake mix!

Teacher Appreciation gift idea!!

Cute, thoughtful, CHEAP...gum from the dollar tree!

Thanks for going the EXTRA mile this month on your Visiting Teaching.

Burt's Bees lip products were on sale at the Kroger recently (& there was a coupon on their app too), I wish I had picked up a few of them to make some of these...(because y'all know how much adore my lips being all happy & moisturized).

Teacher Appreciation Gift

Publix makes the best MUFFINS! There's one in particular...I think it's a praline, something muffin they make. Oh, my...muffin heaven, they are so good! Something like this would be really cute to send in the morning.

Appreciation sayings written for teacher but easily adapted.

If whipping up a batch of cookies is your thing, this is a super simple idea!

teacher appreciation

THIS is awesome, it's just awesome (I'm hungry)...everybody loves S'Mores!

Want to do this for my fellow teachers...

Here are a few that cost a bit more, they might even be more perfect as an End of the Year gift as well...
The TOTE...seriously, people...teachers are all about a sassy tote! This would be awesome with a beach towel, sunscreen & a couple of magazines as an end of the year gift.


We just recently got a Starbuck's here in our little backwoods country town, I know many a teacher loves to stroll in feeling like a big time city slicker (I know because I have done it myself). Any gender would love this gift!

Teacher appreciation gift!

And last, but not least...this is a a gift that any teacher, aide or administrator would LOVE!

Teacher Gift Idea: Printable Target Gift Card Holder // a teacher appreciation gift a teacher would actually want!

So, what about you guys?
Can you think of any good ones?
You can check out the other fun ideas I've pinned on my Pinterest Teacher Appreciation Board.

I've got to hop up, Miss O is after me to watch last night's episode of Secrets & Lies with her...WHY did I get sucked in to that crazy show!

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