The Big Pantry Project 2015

Hi, friends!
Whew, October sure has been busy!

I'll be posting a rambling catch up post from the month later, but today I want to tell you guys about the HUGE & exciting project that we just finished with here at the house!

Back in August I began planning this big project. (Actually I began planning the day we moved into this house & I realized what a nightmare this pantry was going to be...but anyway). 

Our good friend, Brad had an opening in his schedule so I jumped at the opportunity to finally have this project done!! 

Around this very same time it was just an incredibly exciting coincidence that I was contacted by Dutch Boy Paint & the fine folks at Purdy House of Paint about possibly sending me some of their products to use on a future project...

Folks, I about fell out of my chair! 

((Why, yes you sure can!!!))

This project was meant to be, I'm telling you! ❤️

Well, let's take a look...
the pantry...

It was so cluttered & unfriendly. 

Painted the same color as our kitchen was originally when we built this house (Hello, Myrtle! What was I thinking!!)...filled with white metal wire shelves...

It was stressful, very stressful in there!

With not to mention, a TON of wasted space!

Oh, my!

Well, when I cleaned that baby out...

I pretty much had three of EVERYTHING & ended up with a garbage bag full of food that was out of date! 

That was a job all by itself, shew!

Well, what we decided to do this time was for me to do all the painting & Brad would do all the wood work & build the shelves for me to paint. 

To get this party started, I spent a morning removing the wire shelving and yanking & pulling all the hardware out of the drywall...

Then I spent another morning (because my life is a series of constant, comical interruptions even though my kids are in school from 8-3 solid every day) filling all the HOLES I created when I was yanking & pulling all the hardware out of the drywall...

Then I had to take a break for a couple of days to recoup...

Because it was time to get out the paint...

Dutch Boy sent me two gallons of their fabulous Cabinet & Trim paint in Ultra White Creamed Vanilla (018W)...

I have never used this brand before,
but I am going to tell you right now that they had me at hello!

Before I even used a drop,
I was in love just simply from the attention to detail of the container their product arrived in! 


The exact moment I fell madly in love...right here!

Yes, ma'am! ❤️

For your reference, this is the color information for the paint that I used on this particular project:

Well, this awesome Dutch Boy paint would not get very far without the help from my friends at Purdy!

I've been painting furniture, walls, etc for several years & I am never without a Purdy brush! 

They are worth every penny!

Look at all the goodness they sent me! I used some of them for this project and I already have another project lined up to use the rest! YAAASSS!!

When you color in a coloring book, you always start with outlining your subject. The same rule applies when you start a painting project, you always start by outlining your edges. 

It's a time consuming task, but it is SO worth the time!

Notice how I didn't get down to the trim at the bottom?
That's ok, Brad was taking care of that with the building part.

It was pretty amazing how just a coat of paint changed my whole (most likely messy) kitchen...instantly! Paint is cheapest, fastest way to make a BIG IMPACT in your home! 

Well, once that part was finished it was time for me to get out of the way so Brad could work!

That big, deep corner was a huge problem when the wire shelves were in there...just a HUGE amount of wasted space there! Brad figured out how to make it work! I am SO excited about that! 

When he finished up on the first day (above), that evening I got out a can of MinWax Wood Finish Stain in Dark Walnut (2716) and applied it to this spot to give it the appearance of a "counter top".

It dried overnight & was ready for Brad the next morning when he came back to finish up. (Teamwork, baby!!!)


Shelving goes all the way to the ceiling...
the storage, ahhhh....
the sky's the limit in there now!!

Brad got in there & had this project done in two days!
And once he was finished, it was time for the Dutch Boy/Purdy Party!


Naturally, the painting part took me five forevers to complete because there was a lot of this going on...


And this...


And then, we were gone for a week for fall break doing a lot of this...


I love living in Crazytowne! 

When it was finally finished...

All I did for about three days was just stand around in there...
sighing deep, happy sighs.
Ha! ❤️

My favorite part...

The skinny side shelf for spices & cans! 

Oh, friends!!
My life will never be the same!!

Shelves for cans & broth:


I've got the perfect place to hide whatever I don't want the kids sneaking off & eating behind my white stepping stool (those kids are much too lazy to look behind that).


& I'm still working on this spot, but I'm crazy in love with this lazy Susan situation (the idea that I borrowed from my good friend, Lynda) ❤️...

The silver lazy susan is part of a serving piece that belonged to P Daddy's sweet Granny, who passed away this summer. It has some glass crystal dishes that interlock, I have those put away & Susan is doing an epic job in the new party (& I know Big Granny would be tickled that it's getting used). 


If I had to make a top ten list of the loves of my life...ha!
This pantry would certainly be on it!

Here's a quick reference list from the project:

Paint, Dutch Boy Cabinet & Trim Ultra White Creamed Vanilla (018W) in high gloss. 

All Chalkboard Baskets, clear plastic & glass containers; Homegoods 

Labels for clear containers, The House of Smiths Website (but you could probably find some to fit your needs on Etsy)

Thank you to Dutch Boy & Purdy for providing me with your AWESOME quality supplies for this project!

Thank you to Rad Brad for making time in your busy schedule to build these shelves. I'm already plotting my next project to bother you with! 😂

I'm sharing this project on The 36th Ave today, please visit their Linky party...those girls have THE BEST projects & recipes shared there!

The 36th Avenue

Thank you, friends for stopping by to visit the pantry today!
I can totally feed you something good now, so come on over!! 

Have an awesome, not so spooky Halloween weekend!!