Dear Santa {Mama's Christmas List}

Hello there, friends!!

Every year my family complains that I am somewhat (cough) "impossible to buy for" (cough)...

I can't figure out WHY they say this, since I share my Christmas wishes on the blog every year (with LINKS)...

I guess they are just not subscribers to Crafty Southern Mama...ha!

That's ok...they get to enjoy my rambling nonsense in person. ;)

Christmas would be SO MUCH easier if everyone would get on Facebook or a blog and share their wish list, don't you think?

Well, in case they do pop in here and read...

here are a few things on this Mama's Christmas list for 2015

& maybe this will give you guys some gift ideas for your own (cough) somewhat impossible to buy people for on your list. ;)

I am all out of my beloved Aveda is a wonderful treat!

Aveda 'Comforting' Tea Bags

I'm hoping that Santa will bring me a copy of Beth Moore's new book,

Or Jen Hatmaker's book,
For the Love: Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards

I have really started using Essential Oils more and would LOVE an oil diffuser!

I love this one that looks like wood, ((it's much less ugly than the ones I've seen on the Young Living & DoTerra sites & cheaper too)).

Now Foods Ultrasonic Wood Grain Oil Diffuser

Now Foods Ultrasonic Wood Grain Oil Diffuser

I love Lauren James long sleeve tees (medium).
They are so soft & sassy!

I've had my eye on these Tortoise colored Ray Bans for five forevers!
Nordstrom is price matching right now, so you can snag them at 20% off!!

Men's Ray-Ban 'New Wayfarer' 55mm Sunglasses - Tortoise

I fell in love with these knit pajamas at Target the other day, they're Nick & Nora brand.
((KNIT, not flannel...whew, too hot))

They're so soft & comfy...I love pajamas...LOVE!!!

I keep going back & looking at this special value Estee Lauder get SOOOOOO much stuff & such a great price! I would LOVE one of these!

Product Image

I could use a new cap, since a certain high school boy I know has stolen all of mine...ahem.
(use the code EARLYFRIDAY this week to get 25% off at Country Club Prep)

I love Christmas decorations...

these Pottery Barn pillows....

Painted Santa Claus Pillow CoverMerry Christmas Pillow Cover

or any of their Santa dinnerware or napkins....
oh, those are so happy!!!

and I would love a new jacket!

I have worn out my gray Patagonia Better Sweater is my favorite!!
This Blue one in a size Medium would tickle me to death!

Women's Patagonia 'Better Sweater' Button Front Shirred Coat

I really & truly do not need a thing,

To be honest...
I'd much rather have my little family gathered for a meal at the dinner table a couple of nights a week and a date night with my hubby every once & a while...

the older I get,
those are the things that really mean more to me than anything else.

But if you're feeling all gifty, then this list is for you...
(but don't forget to let ME know what you really want too). ;)

Thanks for stopping by to visit!

Tomorrow we are talking about COOKIES!
Get ready, baking buddies!!

Have a beautiful Monday!!