Divine Pantry Inspiration {with Burge Custom Builders}

Hi, friends!

I love an organized pantry!!

With a busy family,
food has to happen FAST at my house...

AND it can get pretty stressful making sure that everyone is eating something healthy!

There is just nothing else quite like the CALM feeling of everything being in place & being easy to find when you're in a hustle to make a meal happen!

It seems like I've been pinning pantry ideas for five forevers trying to figure out how to efficiently utilize the space that we have in our house.

At first I thought I wanted to rip the door off & just make it an extension of our kitchen cabinets, similar to a butler's pantry.

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 I also considered going with more of a Restoration Hardware vibe using raw wood and pipe.

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That is a really cool look,

but the more I thought it over I found myself returning again & again to a very light, bright pantry style with a stained wood faux counter top.

organized pantry // Organizing Spotlight: Neat Method // Arianna Belle Blog:
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Earlier this year...we had a couple of different contractors come out and measure to give us estimates on the pantry, but we just couldn't make up our mind about exactly what we wanted going on in there. So, we put the idea on the shelf until the BOLT of inspiration hit.

And, eventually it did!

Today, I am going to share with you guys the Burge Builders custom pantry that sparked inspiration for our new pantry project (that our builder friend and awesome neighbor, Brad Chessor built for our home)!

I am ALSO VERY EXCITED that this is the first of MANY projects that I will be sharing from Burge Builders and Bradley Custom Homes. I love seeing their finished work & I am tickled to death to share some of their amazing projects here on the blog. I'm working on adding a drop menu up there under my blog header so that you can find these projects easily whenever I blog about them.

Well anyway...one morning after the kids got back in school, I dropped by my friend Lynda's for a little coffee, a chat & a tour of their beautiful new home!

Jamie & Lynda Burge are the owners of Burge Builders and specialize quality, custom home designs. Their previous home (also built by Jamie) was absolutely incredible and I have been dying to get over there and see all the finished details in their new home!!

Almost immediately upon walking in the door, I was hit by that BOLT of pantry inspiration I had been waiting for!

Lynda's finished pantry was EXACTLY what I had pictured in my mind!

Here's a peek...

When I saw that corner area in there, I KNEW exactly what our awkward little pantry needed! 

Jamie installed a few of these custom made sliding barn doors all over the house, they're fabulous! 

I became even MORE excited about this inspiration when I saw her other little pantry which consisted of an entire WALL of shallow shelves...perfect for CANNED GOODS & OTHER SMALL ITEMS!


I am so grateful to Lynda & Jamie for allowing us to use their pantry for inspiration & even more grateful that Brad had an opening in his schedule this fall and used these pictures to build us the custom pantry of our dreams!

Brad has ONE MORE THING to do on our pantry, removing the Jolly Green Giant door and replacing it with a smaller door with a glass transom (I'll share an update when that gets installed later this month).

I'm so glad you stopped by to visit today. It has been the happiest thing having this mess of a pantry whipped into shape (mwah, mwah, mwah...I kiss my pantry everyday, I love it so much)! 

(I'm kidding)

(Maybe) ❤️

I've got to get back to trying not to look so ugly at the Beauty Boutique Store & Spa!
God bless sweet Laura Beth & her hair magic! ❤️

Have a beautiful Wednesday, friends!