Greetings from the Mayor of Crazytowne...Random Nibbles on Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, friends!

It's a TRUE Crazytowne Wednesday here in Tennessee!
The forecast for today is calling for downpours and possible tornadoes all day, then turning to SNOW this evening.

I mean really now...

I am home today with a list of ten million things I need to accomplish, so of course I am going to park it right here in front of the computer and piddle for a little while. ;)

Here are a few random nibbles from my house...

1. Fixer Upper!

Are you watching this show!?!?
I am obsessed!

I couldn't possibly even pick a favorite out of all their renovations...

I mean, I love it all...

the WHITE,
the open space,
the kitchen islands,
the BRICK,
the glossy subway tile,
the greenery,
the reclaimed barnwood,
the custom farm tables
& the comedy of Chipper Gaines!!!

Oh, my word!!!
Tuesday night has become a TRUE guilty pleasure!
I love that show!

2. The Fitbit

For the love!!

I never ever thought I would love the fitbit, but now I cannot be without it!

Owen gave me one for Christmas & I absolutely love it!
(got to love how that boy gets out on Black Friday and shops for his mama)

The first day I wore it I was feeling all smug & snarky because I was going to show everybody that I "walked the talk"....

Well, it was just a regular day for me & I was (mildly shocked &) horrified at the end of the day to see that I had barely taken 5,000 steps! (insert bug eyed emoji here)

I found out immediately, (I am a big lazy butt)  I was not getting after it like I thought! This little bracelet has really made me step up my game!! Now, I am hitting 10,000 steps before I even pick my kids up from school everyday & I feel AMAZING!! God definitely made our bodies to move!

Here's a link to the one I have (this is an affiant link). I wear the small comfortably with three notches left on the band.

Get one, you will love it!

3. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

I mean really...
a sequel with every original cast member returning!

Pure Gold!!
(even the old grandmother...HOW is she still alive!??!)

I can't even...
I cannot WAIT to see this movie!
Can. Not. Wait!

4. Dawn Dishwashing Liquid (the original version)

P Daddy is always laughing at me because I am such a messy eater. I have lovely table manners, but I am unable to get food into my mouth without spilling it down the front of my shirt!

I need an adult bib.

Did you know that if you put Dawn on a grease stain (the story of my salad eating life) and let it sit for a few hours, it will come out in the wash?!

Just squeeze the Dawn out on the stain, let it lay flat for a little while, then toss it in the washer (don't rinse the Dawn off). If it is still there after washing try again, but leave it overnight. I have pulled clothes out of the give away pile and revived them using this trick, it works!


5. Easter is March 27th this year...

I don't know WHY Easter cannot just be in April every year instead of this silly holiday guessing game! Nobody has time for that!!

My kids are on spring break in March & we host our big family for Easter so I am trying to get a leg up on my baskets (even though I literally JUST did never ends).

This is the CUTEST little Easter basket project!

Hop (pun intended) over to the Krazy Coupon Lady blog to see the step by step instructions on how to make them.

Well, I've got to dash off and get some stuff done here...we are just a junk drawer away from an episode of Hoarders!

This is not a picture of my house...((not yet anyway))...hold me!!!!

Thanks for stopping in for a visit, I've missed you guys!

I'll be back to share some books for my fellow book nerds. Mwah!!

Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!