Super {Things to Love on} Tuesday...

It's Super Tuesday!
Today is a big day in Tennessee!

We are so blessed to have the freedom to share our voice and opinions in this great country.
I don't care who you're voting for, just PLEASE get out and exercise your right to vote!

(public service rant end)

I thought since the word SUPER was being tossed about that today would be an excellent day to share some SUPER things to love...because you know, I do love to share the love. ;)

1.   Since we're talking up some love, let's start with this amazing book that my sister-in-law gave me for Christmas...Jen Hatmaker's For the Love.

I have not enjoyed a book this much in a long time, it was so refreshing!

Jen is absolutely hilarious and right on point with the struggles of parenting in a world of Pinterest Perfect expectations!

I was a little sad to see the reviews for this book on Amazon, clearly Jen is right when she speaks of those impossible standards & how "Christians" sometimes hand out some harsh criticism...ahem.

If you're on board the parenting train to Crazytowne, I think you will really enjoy her book!

2.  Much of my existence has revolved around CLEANING this house for the last couple of months. Cleaning out closets, dusting, wiping stuff down. The weather is starting to warm up a bit and it is just plain sad that one thing I'm looking forward to is taking all my faux greenery outside on the patio to blow the dust out of issues are severe! ;)

One thing that I love at my house these days & I mean I have fallen hard for it...

The Roomba 650!

My mother bought one for her house a few months ago & has not stopped talking about it since the very first day she pushed the button and turned it on! She loves it so much, she name hers...Jackson.

For months I have heard nothing else but praise for "Jackson"...(it is pure comedy, y'all)!

So last month I broke down and ordered one for our house. The link above is the actual Roomba I purchased from Amazon (& is an affiliate link). It arrived the next day & it has been running all over my house every day since the first day I pushed the button.

I love it! I mean, I am crazy about it & if you ask my friends they will tell you I will not shut up about it (nor will I stop send them stupid videos of my cat running from it)!!!

I love mine so much I had to pick a fun name as now mama & I can talk about our Roombas (her Jackson....and my beloved Kevin). ;)

3.  I mentioned a few months ago...I've been hunting around for some safer cleaning products to use at home and I have been SO happy with the Method brand products I have tried! They are reasonably priced and smell WONDERFUL!!

So far my favorite is the All Purpose in Lavender...

And the Wood for Good in Almond...

Have you used any of them?
What's your favorite?

4.  The Amazon Fire Stick...

Oh, friends!!! I am here to tell you!
This has been another very wonderful Amazon purchase at my house!
(this is not supposed to be a post about Amazon, but they have shown me so much love lately)

The Amazon Prime Membership comes with SOOOOOO many favorite by far is the free two day shipping, but coming in at close second is the Amazon Prime Video feature!

You can use Prime Video on any tablet or phone with the app, but back during the holidays I purchased the Amazon Fire Stick for $39.99 and now I can use the Amazon Prime Video feature on any tv in our house (or any tv anywhere that has access to Wi-Fi).

Evan has a small TV in his room to play games and watch DVDs. He's watched every DVD we own 45 times (& I do hate to spend money on DVDs). Now with the Prime Video in his room he can watch literally hundreds of free movies and TV shows...but he cannot watch ANY OF THEM until I punch in the code & I LOVE that option the most!

5. Downton Abbey...

Well, thanks to the purchase of the trusty Amazon Fire Stick...(and the new exceptional PBS series I just finished called Mercy Street) can now find me snuggled up in the little chair in Evan's room binge watching Downton Abbey on the sly!

*And all Downton fans will be happy to know that I am not longer calling it Downtown Abbey because I somehow never even paid attention to what the title really was (I think I might have dyslexia too, oh knew I was crazy)...


Yes, I am WAY late to the party because the final episode is coming up on March 6th...but I am so excited that I have TONS of delicious episodes ahead of me (so please don't tell me what happens, ha)!

6. I mentioned last week my love for Chip & Joanna Gaines...

not only do I love their renovations, I am obsessed with Joanna's fashion style!

I have been drooling over her jewelry for the past month. She wears lots of hoops, simple metals and leather. My favorite that I have spotted her wearing is a pair of sassy wood hoop earrings.

Wooden Loop Earrings | The Magnolia Market | Joanna Gaines:

Recently my blogging friend, Shaeffer (of the newly renamed blog Sheaffer Told Me To) featured Joanna's earrings in a post...I think you can purchase these on the Magnolia site, but can also buy them on Etsy from the people who make them for Joanna Gaines.

Beach Party Hoops // Earrings made from RECLAIMED WOOD // Spotted on...

I found a similar pair on Etsy that are cheaper but they are not exactly the same as the ones she is wearing.

I keep hoping one of my local shops starts carrying some like these (cough)...I'll wait & see. ;)

Well, I have got to run out and
pick up my herd from school.

Come back soon, because I am going to talk about the other love of my life...COUPONS!!

I am really glad you stopped by for a bit of love and rambling today.

I do most definitely hope you are having a SUPER, super Tuesday!