That time I got to hang out at Iddy & Oscars...

It's been a pretty big month at our house with big birthdays, spring break, a little family trip, a couple of house projects...I'll be catching you guys up on that stuff in the next few days.

I am starting a new bible study this evening (& I'll be sharing that as well), but had a few minutes to pop in here and tell you kids about something super awesome that happened to boring ole me in March.

My sweet friend & shop owner, Joy contacted me and asked if I could help her with their shop social media.  I was THRILLED!!

I can totally do that, you don't need ears for that! I stopped by to discuss it with her as they were getting ready for their big grand re-opening in their new location. Let me tell you...there was some major gettin' after it going on! Joy and I started chatting about the shop and the next thing I know I'm steaming and tagging clothes (& loving it)! Ha!!

Since then, I've gotten to hang out and help a few more times and it has been the most fun that I have had in about five forevers!!! Not only have I gotten to hang out with my beloved friend, I made a new beloved friend (named Holly) and I just have to tell you, they are two of the most precious people! They just radiate happiness and good vibes and I cannot even find a way to explain how much I have appreciated them letting me drive them crazy in the shop this month! They are both just absolutely precious!

Whenever I help someone with their social media (I do that sometimes, I don't know if I mentioned that), I spend a lot of time doing research about them & trying to find them online (so I can suggest new ways to gain exposure for them).

I wanted to pop in here this evening and share with you guys this blog entry that I found from Joy earlier this year (this will explain a lot about her shop and mission, please take a second to read it):

One part that just jumped out at me when I was reading...Joy was talking about how much she appreciated Holly keeping the shop running while she was in Kenya for two weeks and she says:

"Holly is one of the most beautiful people that I've met both inside and out. I am a better me because of Holly. Do you know anyone like that? You simply find yourself in a lighter mood, giving thanks to the Creator more often and more connected to what's important in life just by being their friend?" 

Do you know anyone like that?

If you have ever met that sweet Joy Lee, then you know that you definitely do! ;)

If you're in the middle Tennessee area, please stop by and visit this wonderful (not so little anymore) give back boutique. (You can also follow their mission on Facebook too.)

I promise that when you do, you will understand why I love the opportunity to "be a part of the change".

Thank you again, Joy & girls are the best!

Thanks for stopping by to visit this evening,
I'll be back to share some rambling, some Disney stories & talk a bit about saving some money at the grocery store...

Happy end of March, sweet friends!