A New Favorite Photobook Site, Y'all!

Two posts in one weekend! ;)

Well...let me tell you guys about this new favorite photo book site I found! Just to be up front, this is not a paid post. I was so incredibly impressed, I just couldn't bear you guys missing out on having one too!

Earlier this month Miss O & I went off on an adventure with her 8th grade class to Washington DC. It was a mararhon, people! My Fitbit tracker was smoking logging all those steps!!

On the LONG bus ride home I ran up on this Facebook ad for a $5 Trial Photo Book from Zno (formerly Artisan State). These books are regular $30, the $5 pricing is a one time opportunity to try out their products cheaply. 

Well, time is all I had that day on the bus so I piddled around and uploaded several of my favorite pictures from our trip (like this one below) right off my phone.
(yes, I have shrunk)

Their site was super easy to navigate and within about thirty minutes I had it organized and paid for right from my phone. This was on a Thursday afternoon and (considering the superior quality of my book) I was absolutely shocked when that baby was in my mailbox the following Wednesday!

I took a few photos of my book using my phone this afternoon (out on the porch, so the color might be a bit off) so you guys can see how awesome it is in person (plus I wanted to brag on P Daddy putting these fab rockers together for me this weekend, what a sweetheart!). ❤️❤️

The entire book is thick and sturdy. 

The interior black pages have a yummy texture and would be beautiful with some simple journaling in a metallic pen. 

Each page is done in thick card stock.

And the pictures were all perfect & looked exactly as they appeared on my phone!

My favorite picture of the week.
Annoying my children is hard work...;)

I couldn't be happier with this book (& I actually feel guilty that it was just $5),

I'm definitely planning to make a couple more for some up coming gifts for those dads & grads. 

You can check out their site here and make your own.
I know you will love their books too!

One more thing before I go, I made my "Adventure" cover page using the app called A Beautiful Mess. It will save the project right to your photos on your device and you can print like a regular picture. It's pretty fun! :)

It's great to visit with you twice in one weekend! ;)

We've got a busy week coming up at our house, but I'm planning to come back and talk about a new cleaning product I've tried (because you know, cleaning is a necessary evil). ;)

Have a great week, friends!!