Spring Travels...That Weekend at Disney

Hello, sweet blogging friends!!
My goodness, I've missed you guys!

I've been trying to sit down and blog about this crazy trip we went on last month, but I have been so ridiculously busy ever since we got back!

The kidlets & I were so tickled last fall when we somehow caught P Daddy off guard and got him to agree to take us to Disney for spring break! 

Oh, there was giddy giggling (mostly by me), snickering & high fiving going on (ok...also mostly by me, so what)...

He agreed to a QUICK visit only, so we flew off on a wee early Friday morning at 5am & we did not stop moving until we got back on that plane Monday night!

Made. Every. Magical. Minute. Count!

We purchased the Memory Maker option on our Magic Bands, if you're staying for more than a couple of days I think this option is a great deal! 

We were able to get tons of family photos (that look SO much better than that funky picture I just shared). 

You can look on the Disney app & they will show you on a map where in the park their photographers are currently stationed. All you have to do is ask them to take your photo & then let them scan your magic band...minutes later your picture will (magically, of course) appear on the app. 

It was way too easy & of course we were silly posing fools the entire trip! ;)

It will also add your ride pictures (those that you have a good laugh over but never buy)...

Go ahead, laugh it up! ;)

Here are some of my favorites from the week that were taken by Disney photographers:

At Hollywood Studios (thanks to the rain, it was not a very crowded day)...

Later that day at Epcot...

(Obviously I think P Daddy is going to float away because I am hanging on to him for dear life in every one of our photos together...) ;)

The next morning at Animal Kingdom...

This was just an hour before the battle of Owen versus Expedition Everest...Owen lost (his breakfast, ugh). 

And Magic Kingdom...

(Yes, friends...it's true...I am shrinking. Beware, it could happen to you too...bless)

The weather was just fabulous all weekend except for it being freezing on our last day...(and in case you were wondering, Owen wore those crazy flag shorts all weekend...please don't act like you've never seen him wear them before! Ha)

We stayed at the Disney's Contemporary Resort.

I highly recommend this resort if the Magic Kingdom is you favorite park because you can walk there in about seven minutes as opposed to 20 on the monorail (and we all know there's no time to waste if you're wanting to run back over to the park at 10pm & ride until midnight). 

Here's a view from our room on our first night when we were beyond beat down after getting up at 3 am to get to the airport. 

And the next morning...

A theme park view room was definitely worth the extra money, it was amazing!!

A few highlights from our big crazy weekend would definitely be Evan versus the biggest chocolate sprinkle donut ever made...

The exciting marathon of adjusting P Daddy's Go Pro...maybe one day I will share some of that footage!

The day Owen couldn't resist posing with this exhausted bench napper at Hollywood Studios (I cannot take him anywhere)...

little singing in the rain...

That super awesome lunch we ate at the 50's Prime Time Cafe...pot roast & fried chicken, delish!

And well, just general silly happiness with these awesome kids of ours...(please don't grow up!!)

With the help of a Disney travel assistant (which is a free service, we used Leslie Calvert with Whimsical Destinations) and little bit of planning beforehand, our visit was just entirely magical...

We were one very happy family!

Of course, until it was time to go home...


Until next time, Mickey...
Hope to "See ya real soon!"

Thanks for stopping by to visit, friends!
Have a Magical weekend, no matter where you are!