Motivation on Monday...Thankful & Happy

I meant to post this earlier but I had an early appointment at my dermatologist's office this morning, where I am a member of her "Six Month Club" (thanks to a hateful mole on my shoulder last year) (& God bless her, that's not even what I was in the office for that day!!)...

Everything looked just fine & she will see this pasty white body again in May. ;)

I just wanted to pop in and share this picture quote I found recently.

"Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like....and celebrating it for everything that it is."

OH, how I WISH I could go back in time and stick this picture in my face!!
((You are not in control, you were never in control and you ain't never gonna be in control.))

During the week of reflecting and gratitude, this off the rails, obsessive control freak is so thankful that she can finally live a life celebrating it for what it is.

If you're alive and healthy and able, then you've got some serious celebrating to do! ;)
Get out there, friends & get after it!!

Much love to you all on this gorgeous, grateful Monday!!