On My Nightstand (& my Amazon Prime Watch List)...Scarlett

You guys already know what a book nerd I am...
Give me a book & I am as happy as can be!

And you guys also already know what an idiot I am over Gone With the Wind...
I mean like...fiddle-dee-dee! ;)

About this time last year, Gone With the Wind was on tv and I found myself home alone with the kids one weekend watching it on a loop...

It got me to thinking about how many times I have read that book (um, several) and how many times I have read the sequel, Scarlett (um, one time).

It really shouldn't surprise me, but...
It's always SO funny when I realize God has held a neon sign up in front my face!

At the time I was struggling a bit with the long hours P Daddy has been putting in to achieving some career goals. I am fully prepared to accept an academy award for my role as a supporting actress here, nothing makes me happier than to help him make his dreams reality & I have a speech already prepared! ;)

But at the time, I was having a pity party and Scarlett came along & jerked my tail right up!

It is amazing how you can read a book in college and enjoy it for the story...

Put it on the shelf and read it again twenty years later & it means something else to you entirely!

A lot of people did not like the book Scarlett, they thought it to be disrespectful to Margaret Mitchell; just like the criticism of Donald McCaig's books Rhett Butler's People & Ruth's Journey.

Yadda, yadda, yadda...go away with your criticism because I enjoyed each of them the way we all nearly burst into tears when we heard the words "Chewie, we're home"!

I admit, the globe trotting turn of events in Scarlett were a bit far fetched, but I enjoyed them entirely because over the span of time in this book Scarlett grew up and I don't know about you; but none of us are the same person we were ten years ago. Time marches on and Scarlett being the surviving badass that she is, marched right on with it!

Even though I read this book last winter, I wanted to share it as an On My Nightstand topic because about a month ago I nearly fell off the couch when I flipped through my Amazon Prime suggestions and saw this....

Oh, my heart!!!
The 1994 tv mini-series of Scarlett (that I have seen only ONE TIME) starring Joanne Whalley-Kilmler (former wife of Val) and Timothy Dalton (reow).

Again, critics be on your way...

Because over a course of a week recently, I pulled my tissues out & wept with happiness over those two stubborn mules in a horse's harness!

If you're a fan (not a critic, shooo, go away) I highly recommend you read & watch both versions sometime soon. The video was $8 on Amazon Prime, but it was worth every penny to enjoy it again.

Always a devoted fan,