The Mama's Blogging

(tap, tap...microphone feedback...)

Helloooooo (echo)

Anybody here? ;)

Dear Sweet Friends, I have sat down & started about fifty different blog entries over the past few months. For some reason I never could finish any of them. I don't know if it was "writer's block" (which I doubt since this blog consists mainly of rambling hootenanny). I don't know if it was fear (which stemmed from every other person on the planet crying & being offended about everything, I have no time for witch hunts). I don't know if I just freaked out when I suddenly realized that people actually READ my blog (which originated as a form of free therapy to help me cope with trying to raise three kids & not lose my mind...and in that beauty I wrote whatever I wanted like no one was watching).

I don't know.

But I DO know that I really miss this creative outlet.

{I also know that no one reads blogs anymore, so it's safe to come out (like the munchkins, "it's alright...she's gone") ha.}

My blogging adventures have consisted of crafty fun, shopping adventures, recipes, book nerd reviews, paint projects & stories of parenting our three children. In the past few years, the page has turned (LOUDLY, like a giant, dusty old book in the library) and our children have turned into young adults {and I am finding that I have not graduated from the need for crafting & cheap therapy to help me cope with trying to raise three children who are no longer children}....

Mamas of "young adults", pour yourself a glass of wine...

Mamas of "children", just pull up a chair (no wine for you yet, you can not drive these children around if you're drinking wine and us mama's who have scooted over to the passenger's side to teach these "children" how to drive...WE NEED IT)...

Mamas of all ages, settle in...♥

This post marks The Mama's Blogging. ;)