{My} Favorite TV Shows of 2016

Hey, y'all!

Happy New Year's Eve!!!

I hardly ever get a chance to watch television (& that's fine because most of what is on tv these days is garbage anyway).

But, this past year I stumbled upon quite a few really good, QUALITY shows thanks to the Amazon Video app (if you have an Amazon Prime membership, this is included) & Netflix!

Since this is the season for reflecting & sharing a year in review...
if you LOVE historical books, movies & shows then this little list is for you!

I apologize in advance to your families,
you're going to be GLUED to the screen for days!! 😉

Here we go, favorites I watched in 2016:

PBS Masterpiece - Mercy Street

I stumbled up on this one last winter & immediately fell in love!

Y'all know I am a fool for Gone With the Wind and pretty much anything set during that time period. This series takes place in Alexandria, Virginia during the Civil War and is based on actual letters and memoirs of doctors and nurses who volunteered and served at the Mansion House Hospital. 

The story, the COSTUMES...
Oh my goodness!!!

Season one was very short, only six episodes...
but SO incredibly good!

You can start it now &
get caught up quickly to be ready for season two that starts back on January 22nd...

I CANNOT wait!!

2016 Roots Mini-Series on The History Channel

Oh, friends!!!

I know I have seen the original Roots movie made during the 1970's, but many, many years have passed. I'm quite sure that I did not get the feels from that first one the way I did from watching the 2016 updated Roots Mini-Series on The History Channel this past year.

I really cannot put into words how profound this one was...
it broke my heart, it made me cry tears of sadness and of joy...
it was just so, SO good!

EVERYONE needs to sit down and watch it!

Very profound!

PBS Masterpiece - Poldark

I am crazy for Poldark!!

& oh, how my family LOVES to make fun of my love for Poldark!
I think they just love an excuse to say the name "Poldark"...
They're so mean to me! 😉

This wonderful show is based on the books written by Winston Graham (there are several in the series). It is set in Cornwall, England at the end of the 1700's, Ross Poldark is a British captain returning home from fighting in America in the Revolutionary War.

The story is simple,
and powerful,
and quite proper.

The costumes are wonderful and the location shots are breathtaking!!!

And I can assure you that my love for this show has nothing at all to do with how hard Ross Poldark works in the fields on his farm...
Ahem. 😂

Catch the first two seasons on Amazon Prime...
you can thank me later! 😉

BBC - Upstairs, Downstairs

This is not a new show,
Upstairs, Downstairs originally aired from 2010-12.
(& is actually a remake of a show done in the 1970's)

I'm not sure how I stumbled upon this one, but I enjoyed it tremendously!!

This is a story about a family and their servants living in a London townhouse in the 1930's.
The people who live Downstairs (the servants) live completely different lives from the people Upstairs (similar to Downton Abbey)...but yet they are all family just the same.
It was entirely lovely!!

I LOVED the bold, warm colors & glamourous costumes in this show.
The family Upstairs lived a very busy life frequently entertaining guests like HRH and a college bound John F Kennedy and his family...

The acting was wonderful and I was tickled to death later this year when I ran up on that spunky Claire Foy in a new series of her own!

If you liked Downton, you will probably enjoy this show as well.

This is a new series on Amazon Prime that begins next month, but you can watch the first episode now.

It stars Christina Ricci as Zelda Sayre, a {wild & audacious} 18-year-old woman living in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1918. (in this first pilot episode, I think my granny would probably call her "a hussy")...

At the end of the first episode Zelda meets novelist & future husband, F. Scott Fitzgerald...this series is about their very flamboyant life together during the jazz age & the roaring 20's!

I'm looking forward to seeing more on January 27th!

The Crown on Netflix

Oh, WOW!

That's about all I can say here, Wow!
I was so unprepared for how incredible this series is...

This is a biographical story about the early reign of Queen Elizabeth II starring Claire Foy.

It is flawless!!
No detail overlooked...
I swoon to think of the money spent on the production of this show!
Oh, my word!!

I had very little background on the British royal family during this particular time period and I was excited to find that there were so many things that made perfect sense to me because I had a bit of a backstory about it from watching Upstairs, Downstairs (& how profoundly it effected the "real people" downstairs).

It is so good!!!
SO, so good!!

Olivia really had no idea who Winston Churchill was aside from a name that has been attached to some quotes in her history class. This series awakened a genuine interest in history for her when it brought to life people that she had only read about in school. I think it delighted me more than anything that she wanted to watch it with me!

I cannot wait for season two of this one (even though we all know what will happen with the British Royal family in this century, it will be fun to see it brought to life).

If you loved The Crown season one, you might also like the movie The Queen starring Helen Mireen.

So, what about you?

Have you seen any good ones this year?

I have been tickled to death to catch these & I hope that you will enjoy them as much as I have!

Leave a comment below or hop over to the Crafty Southern Mama facebook page and share some of your favorites, I would love to hear them!

In the spirit of lists & favorites (two of my favorite things to talk about), I'm also putting together a list of BOOKS for my Book Nerd friends (Yes!!! Book Nerds Unite). I'll be back to share that one next week.

If you're getting out tonight for New Year's,
PLEASE be safe!

If you're not (like me),
pick a show & snuggle up with someone you love...my fave!

Happy New Year, sweet friends!