The List: Mama's Favorite Things 2016...

Oh, how I LOVE a list!!
They are my life!!

{Unfortunately, I seem to mostly love making lists & then leaving them on the kitchen counter instead of taking them with me to the store...}

I especially love lists of things I love & will probably never own or even touch, but I love to love them all the same!

If Oprah can have her list, then I certain am entitled to have one too... ๐Ÿ˜‰

Welcome to a quick list of Mama's Favorite Things 2016!!

First on my list...

This Blanket...

I mean sure, there are blankets...
and then there are BLANKETS!

On a RARE trip to the mall with Olivia recently, I noticed this one in Pottery Barn...
It is absolutely divine!!
AND it is absolutely criminal how ordinary this picture makes it look!!

I need this blanket in my life, we all do! ๐Ÿ’•

Is your phone FULL OF PICTURES!?!?

Mine totally is, I would love one of these flash drives to help protect them!

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive for iPhone and iPad 

A Prayer this not the cutest thing!?!

I found this one on Amazon.
Local friends, check Friends & Stitches in Lebanon they carry this brand & might have these.

Wear the names of the people you love...

Personalized Sterling Cuff Bracelet...

I love these, they're so sweet!!

These are the most divine treasures...

Hand painted Blue Willow Chinoiserie Ornaments
& y'all KNOW handmade gifts are always the best!

I collect mercury glass ornaments for my big tree, but this year I decided to have a small tree in the kitchen & decorate it with blue & white willow inspired ornaments (that cease to exist apparently because this is the only one I have found)...if you see any more, please let me know!!

Flickering Flameless Candles...

I mean, if you have seen them in person YOU KNOW what I'm talking about!
That flicker is just so bewitching!!
Can you even?!?

I love candles, but seldom burn them in the house (because my kids are heathens).
These candles are gorgeous & the little flame flickers, they look so real!!
Local friends Southern Swank on the Lebanon Square just got these in stock, stop by and grab a few!

Sam Edelman Penny Boots...for the WIDE calf!

Triumph for the WIDE CALF!!!

I have {ahem, muscular} calves, no chicken legs here...

I bought a pair last year & they are my GO TO every time I step into my closet!

I am an absolute fool for chalk art, hand lettering & whatnot...

This book looks fabulous, Hand Lettering 101!

And these markers have been recommended to me as being THE BEST for lettering & brush stroke writing...

I'm dying to try some!

I found those on Amazon, but I'm sure you could probably find them at Hobby Lobby or Michael's.

This Barrington's killing me!

Sheaffer of Sheaffer Told Me To has been sassing around with one for months, it's darling...

I recently cleaned out my travel/sippie cup cabinet & we basically have nothing to drink out of...
(thanks, kids...)

For about a year, I've been debating about ordering a Yeti,
but I noticed that our favorite local shop, Wilkies Outfitters on the Lebanon Square carries the Orca brand cups & the Hydroflask!

Do you have one of these?

What's your favorite brand?

Nirvanna Designs Handwarmers....

Seriously now!

These granny squares make my heart melt!!

Local friends, you can find them (& more) at Iddy & Oscars in Lebanon.
(& as a bonus, I might be working when you come by & you'll get lots of hugs & love too) ๐Ÿ’•

and how about one more...

I have loved Draper James "Y'all" bags for about forever now, but this football collection is even more fun!

I would LOVE to get my hands in those mittens, or wrap up in that scarf (but not the sweater, it never gets that cold here during football season & if it does it'll get covered up with a coat)...

So, what about y'all? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Do you have any favorites that you just love to love?

Since I started helping at Iddy & Oscars I don't get out shopping as much as I used to, I miss finding fun stuff! Share some of your favorites with me! ๐Ÿ’•

Thanks for stopping by to visit.
I hope everyone has a beautiful, blessed Sunday!