The 2017 Home Organization Challenge Has Begun!!

Hi, friends!!

It's foggy, drizzly, nippy, cuppa coffee kinda morning here!

I hope you are having a wonderful January so far.
It has been pretty low key at our house and I have been taking FULL advantage of it (because I know the floodgate of crazy spring sports is about to be thrown open...)!!

Six years ago, I jumped on board when one of my favorite bloggers, Toni at A Bowl Full of Lemons announced her Home Organization Challenge!

I think this might have been her first one, her blog was fairly new back then & I LOVED to read her tips for a sane, organized home (which was the opposite of EVERYTHING my home represented at the a matter a fact, that was about the time we nicknamed Evan "Sneaky E"...shew, those years...that was not for wimps).

Back then it was called 21 Days to Getting Organized & for 21 days my house was a whirlwind of donation BOXES, contents of closets pulled out all over the room, 685 Tupperware containers with no lids, clothes & shoes that hadn't been worn in 15 years...upon looking back at my previous posts, quite a few positive & productive things happened during those 21 days:

  1. I found my favorite fleece jacket.
  2. I found out there is a LIGHT in my linen closet (ha, who knew!!).
  3. I found my WAFFLE MAKER!!
  4. I helped my community by donating unused home goods & clothing to our local Community Help Center (I never donate to Goodwill).
  5. I found a lot of food that had expired in my pantry!
  6. I found that I apparently have a problem with hoarding cute plates & napkins...oh, & cupcake liners too.
  7. I found a grand total of $14 in CHANGE!!
  8. and I realized that my life was VERY chaotic when it didn't have to be...(it's crazy enough with these kids, why make it worse?!) 

Since completing that challenge (& I did every bit of it that year too), I have kept some of those rooms in decent order...but have also let just as many go back to chaos...and chaos makes me act ridiculous & I am officially tired of it! 😉


I am taking back control and joining up with A Bowl Full of Lemons blog once again for the big 2017 Home Organization Challenge!!

This is a FREE challenge, anyone can jump in at anytime and participate!

During the challenge you are encouraged to share your progress on social media & the easiest way is on Instagram using the hashtag #abfolchallenge.

This is really fun because you will gain support from other crazy people who are ripping their houses apart & sorting through 685 Tupperware dishes JUST LIKE YOU ARE & when you are drowning in a mess, sometimes having a cheerleader gives you the strength you need to make it into the end zone & finish strong! ❤

Toni's blog is incredible, she has the best tips & her pictures are so CALMING!! They're clean and neat and to me that is just so incredibly relaxing...(yes, I am weird).

I also have her book, The Complete Book of Home Organization & it is REALLY good!

Next to Pinterest, this book has been my Go-To for any storage or organization trouble spots over the past few of years. I have to highly recommend it and cannot wait to check out her NEW book, The Complete Book of Clean coming out in April!!

The first two challenge spots are the Kitchen & the Pantry...

The kitchen is THE busiest room in my house.
When the kids are not in school, I feel like I am in there ALL DAY LONG!
And it is usually a big, crazy mess!
But, it is a glorious crazy mess of kids & dogs & muffins & homework & pretty much EVERYTHING, AND THE KITCHEN SINK going on...

Here's a peek at a typical day in our kitchen:

If you look beyond Miss Marty Party puppy & her scruffy man-child owner, you will see a TYPICAL shot of my kitchen...

And I think if you have as much traffic in your kitchen as I do, this is a pretty typical scene (with lots of room for improvement). ❤

I am just finishing up on the Kitchen Challenge week at my house.

I didn't have much to do in my kitchen thanks to Toni's book & previous challenge, most of my drawers already looked pretty bland & simple like this one:

Toni's book really helped me to PURGE my overstocked with unnecessary, why on earth do I even have all this stuff in the first place kitchen & make it more functional to help me SAVE TIME!

Unfortunately, there were a few high traffic spots that were not calm, bland & simple and they were really starting to stress me out!

I have been working hard this week & I feel like my efforts have paid off because yesterday Olivia asked me what was up with the kitchen,
she said "mom, this room looks so plain & boring"...

It's a gloomy, drizzly day here in Tennessee...
absolutely PERFECT weather for cleaning out the PANTRY!

(& then taking a nap...true story, Lord have mercy)

I'll be back in a few days to share accountability...

Until then, feel free to go crazy & join me! 😉

Thanks for stopping by to visit, y'all!
Have a beautiful day!