For The Love ❤...{of Things I Love Right Now}

Hi there, friends!!

Happy Valentine's Eve ❤

I LOVE vintage, retro Valentines cards!
They are so precious & innocent (& some are just dog gone hilarious)!

But I have to confess, the actual Valentine's Day holiday is probably not my favorite of all the holidays. (yes, every party has a pooper...)

I think it sets ridiculous standards about LOVE...
{that I personally feel like should be shown every single day}...
and it puts pressure on people to spend money...
{when we all know hand made Valentines are the best}

It's entirely exhausting.

HOWEVER, though..

At this particular time on social media,
I think we are all in dire need of SOME LOVE!❤❤❤

Lord, have mercy!

Let's talk about some things to love!

❤ Instagram

I am sure by now you are all aware of my unwavering love for the 'gram!
{except my sidebar Instagram thingy is not showing up...FOR THE LOVE...I don't have time to fight that battle right now}

I just love pictures
& Instagram is just wonderful...
it's like reading mini blog posts, it's just brilliant!

(& I just reached the max for using the word just in a post) 😉

I saw this picture over there recently & I LOVE it!!
It's so funny!!

If you find these stickers anywhere please let me know,
I would seriously put that on my car!!! LOL!!

❤ Lululemon Wunder Under {High Rise} Capris

Ladies, you will be hard pressed to find someone cheaper than me.
I do NOT spend $88 on workout pants.
I do not.
No, ma'am.

But I will now...
if these pants that I own ever wear out!

P Daddy bought me a pair of these for my birthday THREE years ago!
{three years NEXT MONTH, ugh...time flies}

They are the best pants I have EVER owned, EVER!

I have done crossfit in them,
I have worn them with a tee shirt & converse,
I have worn them to spin class,
I have worn them with a tunic & boots,
I have walked miles on the treadmill,
I have walked miles at Disney,
I have worn them all day & then turned them inside out the next day & worn them AGAIN (because they're reversible, baby!!)...

I have washed them probably 400 times!
They do NOT stink, they NEVER stink.
They do NOT look worn.
They do NOT look worn, not one bit!

They are seriously the most fabulous pants I have ever owned!


The End.

Treat yo self & get some! 😉

For the Love of Old Houses (on Facebook)

This is one of my favorites on the Facebook!

If you're needing a distraction from hate & politics on Facebook, I highly recommend following For the Love of Old Houses! They share actual listings of INCREDIBLE old homes around the country with TONS of pictures of the outside and inside...who knows, you might even find your dream house on there! 😉

❤ Dennis Ferrier heads to Fox 17!!

I was pretty disappointed last summer to find that Dennis Ferrier's contract was not renewed by Channel 4...(what the heck, Channel 4!?!).

(does anyone watch local news anymore, that's the only news I bother watching & I am loyal to these people...I have been watching them for years, I trust them...they're like family!!)

Anyway, I just saw that Dennis Ferrier has taken a position with Fox 17 & I LOVE that!!

I also love his wife's blog: Suburban Turmoil.

She is SO FUNNY!!
I am particularly fond of her posts about car line & Restoration Hardware Teen...however, she has some pretty awesome travel posts as her family has done A LOT of traveling in the past six months. Do check her blog out, I bet you will find something to love!

❤ Sam Edelman Penny Boots!!

I LOVE these boots so much!
I bought these last year at the recommendation of my favorite fashion blogger, Sheaffer Told Me To.

I wear them pretty much every day, they are so ridiculously comfortable!!
I think if you're a teacher, you will love these boots...they are totally made for walking!

They have a wide calf version
(which I have & love since I have some meaty calves on my stems). 😉

I have these in Whisky & I'm debating about ordering a pair in olive or gray.

If you're needing new boots give these a try,
I think you will LOVE them!!

Young Living Essential Oils

I am working on a post devoted exclusively to my love for oils, but thought I would share a few that I absolutely LOVE in this post! These are just three (of several) oils that I use EVERY DAY and they have made such positive changes in my health and home in the past year, I can't wait to tell you more about how I use them for myself and my family.




If you are wondering about these oils & would like to try them, give me a holler & I'll send some your way.

❤ Grande Lash Boosting Mascara

Oh, I LOVE this mascara!

Last year I noticed that my lashes were starting to seem a bit wimpy (thank you, old lady-ness) and I went on an extreme mission to find some mascara that would perk them up!

I tried cheap mascara,
I tried expensive mascara,
I tried organic mascara (Physician's Formula, I do not recommend unless you want to ride the raccoon express),
I even tried the trick of adding cedarwood and lavender oils to my mascara.

(I am shouting, I'm was so frustrating!!!)

Then one day I broke down about it to my beauty product goddess Necole, at The Beauty Boutique & Spa (aka, my home away from home) & she recommended that I try the Grande.

I am so thankful she did...
It is truly GRANDE! 😉

Grande Mascara on Amazon or if you're local, pop in and get yours at The Beauty Boutique.

I've noticed that Grande carries various products for lips and eyebrows. I'm tempted to try the lip plumper...{because my upper lip is disappearing all of the sudden!!!}...if anyone has tried it, please let me know what you think.

❤ Free People Beach Cocoon Pullover

I bought the Charcoal version of this top at Iddy & Oscars this fall & it has been one of the most worn pieces in my closet!

I used my gift card recently at Nordstrom & got the Oatmeal version. It is THE BEST SHIRT EVER!! It runs generous. I am a size 8, medium but I got the xsmall/small in this top & it's perfect!

It's not heavy & is going to be perfect for spring!
We will be getting more in when Iddy & Oscars moves to the Lebanon Square,
I'll keep you posted. 😉

Well, y'all I've got to dash out.

I've been holding on to two TJ Maxx gift cards from Christmas & they are burning a hole in my pocket! Since the Maxx is one of my greatest loves...I cannot think of a better way to spend my child free Monday before Valentines...❤...ahhhhh.

Much LOVE to all of you!
Have a sweet Valentine's Week!