End of the School Year Madness, 2017 Edition

Hello, sweet friends!!

I had to laugh this past week, I was thinking about a post I wanted to write up to share and it started to ramble into different topics...every spring I seem to do this and every spring I write one & it ends up being titled "March Madness"...

{Because it usually is total madness!!!}

{And never has anything to do with basketball} 😂

But since my sad, frazzled brain is on a serious delay, this post will also have nothing to do with March either!

{but don't worry, it is definitely about madness because...}

The last week of school is FINALLY upon us!!

{finally, amen!}

But...with that milestone brings the one milestone that I have been dreading for 19 years...


Yes, friends...the Queen of Denial is about to face the music.
This time next weekend, we will have a college student in our household...

And it hurts. 💔

I don't know why, but I think I honestly thought this being a mama of little kids thing was going to go on forever.

{stand corrected}

I am grateful that I still have two more to go & I get to do all this wonderful growing up stuff again with them, because it sure is sad thinking about your little pig being grown up & headed out the door with hankie tied on a stick to seek his fortune in the world...

But that's just part of being a mama...
letting them grow up.
Nobody ever said it was fun.

{it ain't}

But what HAS been fun is all the CRAZINESS that has been going on at our house this spring!

Olivia played high school softball this spring & it has kept us SUPER busy!
When I played softball in high school we rode the bus to all of our games.
Oh, not now.
Mamas of today have to drive their darlings to all of the games...my parents were the luckiest ducks alive!!

{because if you are not familiar with high school softball, this is what it looks like}

{you don't know cold until you've experienced being cold at the ballpark}

When she didn't make the softball team back in 7th grade, she did not let it destroy her spirit. She came back & played in 8th grade and I was so crazy proud of her for making the team her freshman year!!!

{but I can't say I'm crazy excited about how much I have shrunk this year}

We had our softball banquet this past week & I was excited to get some craft therapy in. Some people fall apart, but having a project to focus on during a stressful time ALWAYS keeps me from losing my mind!

AND now, I have a craft to share with you guys...

{easy tutorial coming soon}

Then there's this cheese biscuit...

Fourth grade has been a big year for him, he has grown up so much but he is STILL sweet & little.

{however, since I caught him rolling his eyes at me three times yesterday, I'd say my time with him being sweet & little might be starting to taper off}

He decided to play baseball this year & I have been SO incredibly proud of him for trying something scary & new! He's still learning the game & has a LONG way to go, but since February he has really improved!

We did a few lessons with Jeff Bennett's Baseball Academy this spring and it has made all the difference in the world! I cannot say enough good things about Jeff. He loves kids & he knows what he is doing! He has worked miracles with Evan, we appreciate him SO much!!

Well, speaking of tapering off...
I need to hop up & get some things squared away here so I can get out and do fun stuff like go to the grocery store.

{note the sarcasm there}

I have SEVERAL things I'm going to be blogging about in the upcoming weeks.

Bee Keeping, Mad Men, Dollywood, The Whole30, Chickens, Shoes...

and a couple of paint projects too!

{But first I have to go buy some cat food.}

I'm so glad you stopped by to visit the blog,
I sure have missed you guys!

Have a beautiful, blessed Sunday & happy GRADUATION day to all of our sweet FCS friends!