Just a Few Things I Love About Essential Oils...

Hi, friends!!

This is a post that I have been wanting to share with y'all for several months, but I have held off because it felt a very irresponsible to do so without learning as much about it as I could first.

Over the years, I have really tried hard to make healthier choices {in attempt to hopefully teach our children how to live healthy when they head out into the world of adulting & not struggle with it like I have}.

People, this is really hard!
It's one of the hardest things I have tried to accomplish as a parent (and personally)!
I honestly do not know why this has to be so hard! But unfortunately, Americans are some of the most unhealthy people in the world. Bad health habits are everywhere you look, all day long!


This summer I'm going to be blogging about a few other changes I've made (like how basically It Starts With Food), but today I want to tell y'all about one HUGE healthy change that has taken place in our home this past year & has absolutely changed my life for the better!

I have been using Young Living essential oils.

I started using Young Living essential oils last year because one of my favorite mamas that I know and trust uses them. This girl has done her research; she is an advocate for healthy living, a strong believer in taking care of the body God has given you and she uses her oils every day {not to mention the fact that she is my age & looks 25}.

She did NOT recommend Young Living to me trying to make money,
never did she pressure me to "join her team",
nor did she suggest I "purchase a kit" from her.
Anytime I asked, she genuinely wanted to help me make healthy choices for myself and my family.
God bless her!
She helped me whenever I had a question {which was at least three times a week}, showed me how to make my own homemade organic products (lotion, sunscreen, rollerball oil blend, etc).
I know I have driven her crazy with my questions, but she is the sweetest, kindest most patient mama who loves people and just wants them to be healthy.

After a few months of me driving her crazy with my questions, I told her: "I think I want to buy a kit now" & {she should have said WELL, IT'S ABOUT TIME!} but she said "alright, let me help you do it".

{Lord, help me be a kind, patient mama who helps others just like her.} ❤

When I purchased my kit last June, I was so excited & IMMEDIATELY want to blog about it & tell you guys all the details! But, Young Living is NOT Longaberger Baskets or Stella & Dot Jewelry.

{plus, I really had no interest in "selling" the products, I just wanted a discount on my own oils}.

So I decided to wait.
And use them.
And determine which ones worked for me and my family.
And LEARN as much about them as I could.

Now, a year later...I am ready to share a few things that I love about Young Living Essential Oils.
Not pressure you to buy any,
or press you to "join my team"
(Lord, who in their right mind would want to jump on that crazy train anyway).

So, with ZERO strings attached I want to tell you a few ways that I use my oils EVERY day:

Diffusing Oils

Diffusing essential oils is one of the fastest way to get them into your blood stream. I diffuse every day, usually at bedtime.
When you consider the fact that diffusing makes the oil basically invisible, you are just inhaling it in the air {it makes you wonder what else you are putting into your body at home just by breathing}!!
Diffusing essential oils helps your home stay safe from harmful virus and bacteria, while providing a wonderful aroma without any chemicals.

My favorite oil combos to diffuse right now:

1. Lavender & Cedarwood
2. Peppermint, Lemon & Lavender
3. Thieves {I could & probably will write an entire post devoted to Thieves, I'm a believer}

Applying oils directly to the body

I apply oils "neat" (that means straight out of the bottle) by putting them on the bottom of my feet.

{and my kids feet}
{but not P Daddy's feet because he has ferociously ticklish feet & prefers to do his own} 😉

I apply some type of oil to the bottom of my feet every day.
Right now I am using Purification on one foot {because mosquitos love me} and Frankincense or Thieves on the other.

I apply JOY oil (neat) to my armpits EVERY DAY.
About six months ago I started doing this because it smells so good!!!

{I mean, of course I want that smelly goodness on my arm pits...}

After a couple of months it occurred to me that my anxiety issues had stopped...like, that's weird...they've completely gone away.

I did some research and found that this oil was supposed to be applied over the heart for stress & anxiety, so I was putting it in the right area and I accidently found a treatment for Crazy Mandy!
{I also use this oil on Crazy Evan too}
{he's a worrier like his mama} 😉

Probably my MOST FAVORITE oil item that I apply daily is this WONDERFUL spray that I make myself! I spray it all over when I get out of the shower. It is 25 drops peppermint, 25 drops lavender, in a spray bottle filled with fractionated coconut oil.

I originally mixed this bottle for some issues I was having with miserable eczema and got hooked on it. It is heavenly & makes my skin so soft!!

Love, love, love!!

That's just a few. I could seriously go on & on!
I love everything that I use and have noticed positive changes in my health because of each one.

Lastly, CLEANING with oils

I wish I had a picture of my cabinets before I started cleaning with oils!
Over the years I have hired a half a dozen different people to clean my house. Some brought their own products, others requested I buy specific products for them to use.

I had FOUR full cabinets of toxic chemical products in my house before I started cleaning with oils! Now, I'm down to just two & am on a mission to get that stuff out of here too!

This is what I use...on just about everything!

Brace yourself....


Yes, ma'am!
I am a strong believer in Thieves!
Thieves oil, Thieves cough drops (my most favorite YL product) ((yes, I'm weird)), Thieves Fruit & Veggie Spray, Thieves Hand Sanitizer & most of all Thieves Cleaner!

(Because this post is getting long)
Here's a quick reason why I am a strong believer in Thieves:

I am that person who gets sick. I can catch something just by being in the pediatrician's office in well waiting! This past winter was a really bad one for sickness. One day Olivia came home from school throwing up. She had the WORST stomach virus I have ever witnessed in all my life as a mama! She was SO WEAK I could hardly get her up the stairs to her bedroom!

The next day, she is still throwing up and I have to pick Evan up from school early because HE IS ALSO SICK. Except, instead of the stomach virus he has strep throat!

Oh, y'all!!!

I just knew I was doomed!! 😕

I had that Thieves out spraying the counters, knobs, potties, tables, everything!
I had Thieves blasting on two diffusers downstairs 24/7 for about four days in a row!
AND, I was applying Thieves oil to the bottom of our feet and up & down their spines every few hours!

And guess who didn't get sick.
That's right...

Thieves does not mess around!!
I swear by it, y'all!

Thieves was a tough sell, but even "Dr of Infection Control" loves Thieves, especially when he started reading about how it was tested on mold...

I love Thieves cleaner & it makes my house smell so good!
It lasts a long time AND there are no harmful chemicals...
I love that the most!!

So that's my little story.

I am loving my goodness from Young Living!
I am also learning new ways to keep my family healthy without having to use products that contain cancer causing chemicals & toxins.

And that makes me a happy mama!

Essential Oils have become pretty popular lately, I bet some of you guys use them too. I would LOVE to hear how you use them & what has worked for keeping your family healthy! Please leave a comment here, on Instagram or post over on the Facebook page.
You guys always have the best ideas, I love it when y'all share!

If you're still reading way down here, thanks so much for sticking around!

I'll back to share a story about a mama who did not cry at graduation, but had to go lock herself in the bathroom when the little darling drove down the driveway off on his senior trip...

Oh, my heart!
It was quite a day!

Have a blessed, beautiful Sunday evening, friends!