We Got Ourselves a GRAD! Class of 2017!!

Well, folks it happened!

The daydream I had about being a lifelong mommy of little darling chicklets came to an abrupt end this past weekend when our biggest little darling walked through the line on his beloved football field with his friends and was given a diploma!

Our whole family attended!
A lot of those people cried.

I did not.
{that part came later & again yesterday & will probably happen again before Friday}...

May is ALWAYS a tough month at our house.
But this year, addition all the end of the year stress, projects due, softball games, baseball practice, graduation preparations & events...there was also a very, very bad case of "Senioritis".
HOLY Mercy!

{Let's just say that the said graduate is lucky he lived to see the day, because his mama about choked him!}

Despite whipping wind and the threat of rain (& it did sprinkle for about five minutes)...
it was a perfect morning & EVERYBODY was excited and proud!

I'm very thankful that so many people who love Owen showed up to share that special day!

*I must note here that my SISTER, who is Owen's BIGGEST FAN and her little family were in attendance but had already gone to the car to miss the swarm of the crowd...I am sick that we did not get one picture with them!! We were going to do it when we got back to the house & then I completely forgot because everyone was starving!! We will be doing a staged photo at a later date to document their attendance. ;)

It's hard to believe it's really over.
But yesterday, I took Olivia to softball & there was the football team all cranked up having their first summer practice...

I scanned the parking lot & Owen's car was not there...


Like it or not,
the page turned on May 27th...
and a new chapter has begun.

{And I'm probably going to cry 65 more times before my wimpy heart starts to accept it.}

{does anyone have a tissue?}

I'm so proud of this beautiful boy with a heart of gold,
I know he's going to do wonderful things with his life.

Congratulations to all our 2017 Grads!!
We are so proud of you all!

Thanks for popping in to visit.

I'll be back soon to share a quick tutorial on how to make these super cute little softball mason jars.

Have beautiful Thursday, friends!