For the Love (of things I love right now)...

I haven't done a FOR THE LOVE post in awhile,
and they're so fun! 😉
I do love to toot a horn about things I love!

For the Love of Healthy Skin!!
Right now I LOVE the new Arbonne RE9 Advanced Anti-Aging Skincare!
I have tried SO MANY different things in the past two years! I want something safe and natural, but I also want something gets results!

In the past two years, I've used the skincare lines from both Doterra & Young Living and I have also religiously used SkinCeuticals...but absolutely nothing I have used has shown me results like this new version of Arbonne's RE9!

(Because I'm the cheapest person alive) I have only been using the cleanser, renewal serum, restorative cream with sunscreen & the night repair creame at bedtime.

I told my sister last week, this skin care line has just blown my mind! My face feels smoother, the ridges of crows feet under my eyes feel smoother and my skin has a healthy glow to it now.
I am tickled to death!

Next month I'm planning to add the corrective eye cream to my regime as well, I'll keep you posted.

I have been faithfully using Arbonne products for nearly 15 years now (I swear by their Immunity Boosters, y'all), they are a trusted brand at my house! If you want to order anything, give me a holler & I will let you use my consultant discount. 😉

For the Love of a Clean House...
The kids are back in school & my days have been filled entirely with getting my life together (also known as cleaning & organizing all things)...

At this point in the game,
I think I LOVE this Norwex Rubber Brush even more than my own family!

This thing is SO awesome!
I use it EVERY DAY!
I use it with the Norwex mop set to get the dirt off before tossing it in the washer:

I use it on my sofa and chairs pretty much EVERYDAY to get the dog hair off!
And recently, I went crazy and used it on my front & back stairs...
which pretty much looked just like this (maybe grosser).

I could NOT BELIEVE the nasty stuff that rubber brush worked out of that carpet!!

If you get invited to a Norwex party & don't know what to buy, I HIGHLY recommend this one (plus, this mega awesome thing is just $14.99)!!

For the Love of Laughing!
I love to laugh so very much, it's something I love right now & every day!

My kids have had me laughing a lot lately & it has me loving this age that they are at the moment.
Evan has been particularly cheeky (but if you know how sweet natured he is, it comes across as just hilarious), I think he's starting to ease into that middle school snarky phase.

  • A couple of weeks ago we were out to dinner and it was FREEZING in the restaurant!! I had my elbows on the table & my chin on top of my fists while we were all talking and waiting for our food. I must have paused and looked thoughtful for minute because Evan looked at me funny all the sudden and then smiles a sly smile & says "are you praying to Jesus that they will turn that air conditioner off?"...(no, but that's a good idea)

  • Earlier this week he gets in the car after school and randomly says to no one in particular "I don't know why I have to take that stupid computer class, I can type faster than my computer teacher"...(oh, can you now...)

  • And my absolute favorite was last week when he was having a REALLY hard time going to bed & came into our bedroom looking gravely serious and says "I can't sleep. I need to talk to you about the Lord" (which he pronounced "Low-ord"). ((Go to bed!))
And an honorable mention is a text conversation I had with Olivia one day (during school, I might add...WHY are you on that phone during school??)...

For the love...

For the Love of a Good Show!
I asked for recommendations for a new show to watch over on my Facebook page & boy did you guys suggest some good ones!! I decided to try this show on Netflix over the weekend:

AMC's Turn, Washington's Spies
TURN: Washington's Spies takes viewers into the stirring and treacherous world of the Revolutionary War and introduces Abraham Woodhull who, after aligning with a group of childhood friends, forms the Culper Ring -- America's first spy ring.

Wow, wow, wow!!
I absolutely love a good historical fiction story and this series has had me on the verge of an anxiety attack from the very first minute I turned it on!
It's so, so good!!

If you liked the movie The Patriot, you will LOVE this show!

For the Love of Whole30!
Y'all, I have been working on a post about Whole30 and will share it (cough, someday)...but let me just briefly tell you about my LOVE for this incredible eating plan (it's not a diet, you will never be hungry doing Whole30)!
I did my very first round in May and it completely changed my life!

I was fighting a horrible sugar addiction, I was being led like a mule with a carrot by bread...I was exhausted ALL THE TIME, could not accomplish a single thing, no motivation of any kind!
I just did NOT feel good. 😢
I was so unhappy about it, it was making me MISERABLE!!!

I was so scared to try this program.
I stood in my pantry & thought, there's no way I can do this...

I am SO GRATEFUL that I made myself try!
In less than a week of starting this program, I felt like a different person!
My norm was sitting on the couch all evening watching tv, too tired to do anything & craving something sweet...

By the third week, I had energy like I have not had in ten years!
I walked by bad food, processed food, & junk food with my NOSE IN THE AIR!
This Whole30 will empower you!
You will no longer be controlled by sugar or bread or anything else!

((Oh & I lost 12 pounds eating deliciousness like avocadoes every day...))

I joined an AWESOME Whole30 Group on Facebook & we are starting our round on Sept 5th (but I am starting right now to eat better so that I will not be detox shell shocked that first week).

I can't wait for that cool weather to get here, I'm going to slide right into my pants like a pat of butter ghee! If you want to feel AMAZING (& slide into some pants you miss wearing), come over & join us!

For the Love of Pecan Pie (Larabars)...
One of the positive things that happened to me while doing my first Whole30 was falling IN LOVE with the Larabar!

Since doing that first round of Whole30 I have eaten a yummy breakfast of scrambled eggs, a banana & a handful of blueberries nearly every day. But on the mornings I am short on time, a cup of coffee and a pecan pie larabar is my FAVORITE on the go breakie!

and last, but not least...

For the Love of Francine Rivers...
My absolute FAVORITE author has a new book coming out next year, I nearly came out of my chair when I saw this pre-order link on Amazon!!!!

Have you read any of her books?
Which one is your favorite (it's hard to pick just one)...
This one is mine...The Mark of the Lion series.
It is LIFE CHANGING good!!

Well, I've got to hop up here & get busy!
We had a wonderful, relaxing weekend with my sister and her boys this past weekend, but I did not do one lick of housework all weekend and my house is in shambles!!

What are some things you are loving right now?
Hop over to Facebook and let me know!

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit.
Have a wonderful Monday, friends!