We Survived: The Great American Eclipse 2017

Hello, sweet friends!!

Did you get to experience The Great American Eclipse yesterday!?

We were SO INCREDIBLY LUCKY to live right in the path of totality and got to experience this once in a lifetime event right in our own backyard!

I have to be honest.
I wasn't sure at all what to expect yesterday...
And the insane frenzy over this event was starting to get on my very last nerve...

But I have to say the actual moment of the total eclipse exceeded anything I could have ever dreamed up in my head or watched in a movie theater!

The total eclipse lasted out here at our house for approximately 2 minutes and 30 seconds
and it was nothing short of AMAZING!!

Even though middle Tennessee was in the path of totality, our school system decided to remain open yesterday (despite every surrounding county voting to close school). We were assured that absences would be considered excused and decided to keep our kids home so that we could be together to experience it.

((and let me just say that I am so grateful that we made that choice, because it was overwhelming, emotional & a little scary))

P Daddy came home for lunch and we enjoyed a little family eclipse party out by the pool.

We didn't take many pictures because the actual event happened so fast, I didn't want to miss a second of it fooling with a phone or a camera!

But, from the pictures I did take you can see the change in lighting is very obvious.
This first picture is after the eclipse had begun, not quite a quarter covering yet.
((& yes, I put sunscreen on his sweet head...bless him))

This picture is when the eclipse is just a little over half coverage.
Still completely bright, but there was a creepy haze forming.
(& thank you children for your enthusiasm here, I can always count on you)

THIS picture is of totality!

I'm glad the flash was not on so that you can see that it is grainy dark (but it never got black dark like night, it was more like dark when a bad storm is rolling in).
You can see the reflection of the eclipsed sun in the water here also.

It was obvious immediately that what we saw on the camera screen of our phones & iPad looked nothing like what we saw with our eyes and everyone just put their devices down to take in the moment.

It was like nothing I have ever experienced in my life!
It was eerie silent.
For two minutes it was absolutely SILENT and still!

The big, white float on the patio behind P Daddy had been covered with a swarm of probably 100 bees (a perk of backyard beekeeping that is about to get on my nerves). During totality, we realized that they had all completely disappeared & had returned to their hive!

We also saw shadow snakes on the ground both before and after the total eclipse and this completely blew my mind! It was thrilling & terrifying at the same time! When it was over, I felt so drained & emotional. It was an incredibly raw, spiritual event!

This picture below is just after the total eclipse and the sun is still covered about 80%.
The lighting is similar to the first picture I shared, but still with a lingering haze.
And...our roosters were crowing!

I'm so very grateful that we did not have to endure a crowd of people and we were able to be together at home. I'm sure that the teachers worked very hard to make the event fun and educational for the kids, but absolutely NOTHING could have made this event better than being together as a family to experience it!

Except maybe being together with these special peeps too.

I hope you were able to spend this magical time with the people that you love as well.

Thanks for stopping by to share it with us.

Have a beautiful, blessed Tuesday!