Just a Few Random Ramblings from Craztowne...

It has been the craziest week here!

The craziness started on Monday when Olivia got in the car sobbing because she claimed it had been the most horrible day of her life, horror which included cutting her finger on a box cutter (a paper cut that she swore she needed stitches for) and a dramatic front seat reenactment of how she fell down the stairs (three stairs, running an errand during class time & no one saw).
((but if a tree falls in a forest....))

Lord have mercy!

The rest of the week was pretty much the same.
Someone missing a shoe, a broken dish, a murdered chicken, I forgot to turn the crock pot on to cook a meal, the dog ate a brand new loaf of bread right off the counter...just classic Crazytowne USA!

I told her if she did not shake off this bad luck hex I was going to put her out on the side of the road & drive away...

Since it's finally over, I thought I would put together a random ramblings post of thoughts that has nothing to do with politics OR the NFL (because frankly my dear...). I sure do hope your week has not been as crazy as mine!

We have had a horrible time the our dogs, Blue & Marty getting after our chickens in the past few weeks. Blue is a lab & Marty is a lab chow mix, (so they can't help it if they are genetically wired to slaughter birds). Somehow one or two chickens will escape every time we feed them and the next thing I know our front yard looks like someone shredded a feather pillow all over the place.
It's so, so horrible and depressing, those poor babies!

However, we have WAY too many roosters (a problem that P Daddy says he will remedy out on the grill) and I have actually been a little bit relieved because a couple of them had (note, past tense) turned mean (& when I say mean, I am referring to a visit to the coop that included me using a plastic rake to defend myself just to feed the ungrateful monsters)...needless to say, I did not cry at their funeral.

BUT only a happier note, we FINALLY got our hens separated from those rascals (8 roosters is about 8 roosters too many, FYI) and the girls are laying some eggs!!!!

I honestly thought I'd never see the day!!

It's the coolest thing I think we have ever done out here & I wish we'd gotten some hens a long time ago, they are sweethearts!

I finally finished up on Evan's bathroom (and also painted Owen's bedroom with the leftover paint). I'm working on a post to share about it because it turned into a good old fashioned "Design on a Dime" type event & I did the entire spiff up for under $130!

I'll be sharing that next week after I get some pictures.

If you follow Crafty Southern Mama on Facebook, then you are well aware that POLDARK returns on PBS Masterpiece this Sunday!!! (because I may have only shared 65 posts about it)


You've still got time to binge watch the first two seasons on Amazon Prime!!
Go on & get caught up so your family can enjoy teasing you about Poldark every chance they get. My family lives for it! 😉

Have you ever heard of The Little Free Pantry Project?
Well, I am in the process of starting one in my town!

It's a small weather proof box or cabinet filled with non perishable food, diapers, hygiene products, etc that is unlocked and available for anyone in need. The idea is to be a blessing to others, take what you need, leave what you can.

Anyone can visit, anyone can donate.

It's something that I have wanted to do for over a year now, but just have not been able to make it happen. Last month I started talking about it to P Daddy & he surprised me by saying he wanted one set up outside his office!!!!!!
I was so happy, I almost cried!

I'm going to be sharing a post about it soon so you can find out more. We have been busy getting a pantry ready (because his office is nice and I want this to also look nice siting outside). I will begin stocking it next month and am hoping to have it open for anyone in need by the third week in October.

I'm so excited!!
I'll keep you posted! 💗

Oh, I bought this lipstick at the grocery store the other day...

I was reading somewhere that an orange hue will make blue eyes stand out, so I decided to test the theory with Loreal Paris Color Riche 410, Volcanic (bought mine at Publix). I do always try to use safe, organic type makeup products but, (I am bad sometimes).

Of course I do not have a photo of myself wearing it...
but I DO love it!
Olivia said it was too bright on me (which could mean that I look like a clown or she's just not used to that color), but I think it is a fun break from my normal safe, boring color.

If you have blue eyes or if you love an orange hue, give this one a try!

Well, there are other things to tell...school football ended for Evan, we had a field trip, he tried out for the school soccer team (allow me to mention that he's never played soccer, the bar of expectations is very low here), getting things ready to list on ebay, pondering over revisiting and reopening my Little Precious Boutique, finishing up a bible study, trying to get us back into a church routine (because you know when your kid says "can we got to church tomorrow", that's really Jesus calling you), trying to make myself go to the gym (getting there is 3/4 of the battle), trying to avoid drama & politics on social media, I need to wash my hair...

I could go on & on!

But I must hop up.

I will be back soon to share a quick post featuring the Zno book that I ordered with Owen's senior year pictures in it (I LOVE it) and another post with details on my boy's bathroom makeover.

I'm so glad that you stopped by to visit the blog today.
I hope this post finds you happy, healthy and not a bit crazy like me! 😉

Have a fabulous fall Friday, friends!