Start Your Engines, Christmas Shopping is About to Begin!

Happy Friday, friends!!

Mercy, what a week we have had here!
The first week back from fall break is always hard,
but it's been unusually stressful here this time & I am SO glad it is Friday!

The kids and I are planning a weekend filled with snuggling, scary movies, a crock pot full of chili & other simple Halloween traditions that we are running out of time to do!

I've been trying to stay off Facebook as much as possible this week (failing every day, it is the worst addiction I have ever had)!

I thought I would come to the blog to post some quick thoughts & links instead of sharing over there (& I do appreciate you clicking that link to visit the blog instead). 💓

I've spent some time this week making my list to help me get started on my Christmas shopping (yes, girls it is coming for us). Every year I write down EVERYTHING I have bought in my calendar agenda because I order a lot of things online (and because I am a fruitcake), this helps me SEE what people are getting even if it hasn't arrived yet AND it also helps me realize that the reason I love that particular item is because I bought you one last year (I'm SO bad about that).

I found a few things this week that I have ordered for gifts & thought I would share in case any of you guys were already on the hunt. (I'm getting started early because As God is my Witness, I will never have my holiday ruined by this shopping evil ever again!)...

First up, I snagged a few of these cozy Pottery Barn Pom Pom Throws.

They are on sale for $31 and right now if you use the code CHEERS you get 20% off and FREE Shipping! I saw these in person last week at the Pottery Barn store and they are really nice (and arrive nicely packaged, not wide open & you have to fold it yourself).
All of their blankets are nice quality
(and nothing says I like you an awful lot like a gift from Pottery Barn). 

Next, PW has a new cookbook coming out next week!
This gorgeous cookbook is on sale for $17.89 on Amazon this week (regular price $29.99).

Grab one for the cook on your list (& one for yourself too). 
They will probably go back to regular price after the book is released.

And speaking of Pioneer Woman,
HAVE YOU SEEN her new crock pots!??!

These are GORGEOUS & just $24.96!!
These would make a great gift, especially for a teacher (crock pots are a teacher's best friend). ❤

And if you're looking for stocking stuffers, here are a couple of good ones:

(yeah, baby)!

Give one of these as a gift and I can guarantee you that the teen you don't click with will look at you & think "she gets me". 😉

And this cute little Password Book!

I ordered this awhile back and took time to write those booger passwords & user names down! 
It took a few minutes to get logged in on sites to double check the passwords, etc. but I feel a wave of relief now that I can just dig this book out and look it up if I can't remember...
(because passwords, y' many passwords!!!!)...

What about you guys?

Have you found any good deals yet?
I have started looking early because last year most of the great deals were in late October & early November. I know a lot of people say they don't want to start early because it causes them to overspend, but I have found that I DON'T OVERSPEND if I write everything really, really helps me!

So, that's all I've got today.
Short & sweeet. ❤

I've got to jump up.
College boy just walked in & wants his mommy to fix him some eggs.
Mommy is on the case!

Wishing y'all the most beautiful fall weekend, friends!