~The Week Between Christmas & the New Year ~

       Hello folks, and welcome to a few thoughts I've put together from my red chair.

(Me in my red chair😂)
It's staycation~hibernation week, AKA the week between Christmas and the New Year.  The week when myhusband Aaron stays home, we rest a lot, I play the "add lots of things to the cart and not buy it" game and even do some fun things here and there.

What's happening this week
High Point Climbing & The Blue Plate
Aaron has three brothers, and all three are home this week.  We have had so much fun spending time with them!  Today we went to High Point Climbing downtown.  We got there a little early between 10 and 11, and it was not very crowded.  The boys had a blast climbing the grown ups enjoyed time to visit. After climbing, we went down a few blocks toward the river and had lunch at The Blue Plate.  Locally owned and boasting a hearty menu, it's one of the few places I can take my picky eating kids and everyone is happy! 
Joseph left and William right climbing in the kid's area. 
Photo Credit: Brittany Sherman ~ thank you Brit!
Grabbed lunch at one of my favorite places downtown Chattanooga, The Blue Plate

What I am reading at the moment: 
I like to read historical fiction and non-fiction.  Usually I find myself reading about life in the times around the Revolutionary and Civil Wars in the eastern part of the US.  So, it has been exciting to venture to a new area!  The Devil in the White City is set in Chicago during the 1893 World's Fair.  A true story, partly about the how the World's Fair came to be designed and built in Chicago, and partly about a serial killer who used the World's Fair to be the cover for a killing spree.

I got some new shoes:
I got these as a gift this year and I just love them!!  These are Saucony Originals Bullet shoes in Slate Cream.  They are lightweight, and great for tooling around downtown.  I think you'd need to wear some super low "no show" socks with these, but today I wore without socks and fared well.  I need to investigate the best "no show" socks.  

(Saucony Original Bullet shoes, brown and white Odie the Dog to the left) 

That's all I have to report from the red chair, I hope you all are having a lovely week between the holidays!!