Welcome to Crazytowne, Kim!!

Y'all, I'm pretty excited about the things coming up for Crafty Southern Mama in 2018!
There are several changes that I will be talking about soon (like for example how I plan to get away
from the Facebook & actually BLOG), the first of them is the exciting announcement that I am adding another Crafty Southern Mama to the party! ;)

Meet my adorably fabulous, dearest friend, and real life sister, Kim!

Kim is hilarious.
She is thrifty, crafty, ridiculously stylish, and one of the best mamas I know!
I want to be just like her when I grow up!

She's already got a list of topics that she's planning to share, so get ready for some fun posts and shares from her in 2018! I am so excited that we get to do this little Crazytowne adventure together!

Have a great day, everyone!