Giving Healthy Another Go

Just before Christmas I asked my great friend (who knows a lot about fitness and nutrition) if she would help me in devise a work out and meal plan in the new year.  

Last January (2017) I took the Restart Program, and she was the instructor.  A 6-week sugar detox, where we learned about the nuts and bolts of how our bodies digest food.  It was amazing, but one year later here I am still incapable of doing anything but sabotaging myself on a daily basis.  Anyone else know that feeling?

I have the knowledge and understanding of what I need to do, I just need a little extra direction on how to implement all of this wisdom.  So my friend and I sat down together and discussed life, my schedule, what we Loves like to eat and what's realistic.  

The plan was born.

I started the plan we (she) put together last week, and I feel like I am moving at a manageable pace!  

The best thing is that ALove and I have been able to make better decisions about what to have for dinner.  Unlike my insanely talented Crafty Southern Sister who excels at the culinary arts, my skills in the kitchen are quite basic.  I require explicit instruction in almost every aspect of life, especially meal prepping and planning.  

I think that for me, that is the key - planning.  Never be caught without the healthier option available.  I work, I run kids around, I am the ringmaster of my own circus ~ that is real. 
Current state of chaos.
If there isn't a plan, it's widespread panic in the corridors of the Love house (not to be confused with Widespread Panic the band, which can actually be heard often in the corridors of the Love house).  And you know what's worse than running wide open all over town to work, school, church and everywhere in between with no plan?????  Being stuck at home on a snow day, holiday or weekend with NO PLAN. 

Actual picture of our snow day today.

I wanted to share kind of an outline of what we put together, maybe it will help someone who is like me and needs a little more extra direction....  
(Please note this is a general outline of my plan, everyone is different and we spent close to 2 hours discussing different things specific to my crazy life).

Workout Plan - Sunday to Sunday 
-She recommends for sure getting exercise every day, for me it's 20-30 minutes walking briskly on the treadmill
-1 Day Lower Body work out
-1 Day HIIT cardio
-1 Day Upper Body
(She also recommended trying for great workouts that fit your needs).

Self-Care Plan - Lower Stress 
Epsom Salt Baths

Food Plan
This is just a guideline of things she knows I like to eat, how to make it healthiest.
We came up with 5 dinner options as the core "go-to" dinner choices. 
My "go to" dinners are:
-Grass-fed burgers
-Tortilla Soup
-Wild-caught salmon cakes
-Grass-fed roast with root vegetables
-Grilled chicken or Baked BBQ chicken thighs or legs

**What are your "GO-TO" dinners???**

She gave me some very specific recommendations for meal prepping for the week so that we always have healthy options to work with based on what WE actually like to eat:
-Pick 3 veggies to make for the week
-Pre-make roasted veggies (turnips, sweet potatoes, radish red/gold or russet potato)
-Pre-make a sheet of bacon (antibiotic free)
-Keep cauliflower rice on hand
-Always have a dark leafy green on hand
-Make your own dressing (I'll need a little bit of practice with this one, I've never been all that inspired to make my own condiments)

Keep to Minimum:
-Anything with lots of ingredients with preservatives and added conventional sugars
-Sweets (even if made with friendly sugars like honey, maple syrup, dates, stevia, etc)

Also please note my kids are the picky type, so this meal plan really is for ALove and myself.  We incorporate other methods and tactics for those picky eaters.

So you see, we are all just doing the best we can, but when we have a plan it just makes it a little easier to take care of ourselves.  It doesn't mean I haven't failed miserably just in the last week (ahem, birthday cupcakes).

I'd love to hear about your healthy "go-to" dinners and snacks, do you have any side dish(es) you pre-make for the week?

Thanks for joining my circus today, I look forward to talking to you real again real soon!!