New Year ~ New Projects BACK STORY

I recently shared the Number 2 project that Aaron (ALove) finished over the holidays (shelves in the weird hallway).  So, I thought I would share with you my Number 1 project....

Moving backwards here for a minute: In August I dreamed up a master plan of DIY projects we could do on a tight budget to improve function and also mirror the mountain cottage look of our house. 

I have projects here and there that we have been working on to improve the interior of our home.  I am not a super organized person, but I absolutely crave functionality

Our home is not very formal, it is more of a cottage mountain style home, so I wanted to have the inside of our home reflect this.  In our dining room, we've had more traditional furnishings like china cabinet and such, but I always felt it was too formal for us and our house.  

SO, we did some rearranging (as you know I am a semi-professional furniture mover).  I repurposed a repurposed dresser (formerly employed as an entertainment center in our living room, a great bulky piece that matched our rough little boys.  Formerly-formerly Crafty Southern Mama Mandy's bedroom suit a long long time ago) to serve as a long buffet.
The Idea
Same process as before with finding the studs and making sure all was level.  The difference on this project was the size of each board.  They were all 6 feet long, which allowed for us to fit 3 brackets per board in a stud (I think).  Also, I stained this wood with a quick drying stain.

Securing the brackets 

Securing the brackets

Boards On!

View of my cute little dining room, cozy and comfy
(and a huge mess)

The finished product. 
The finished product.

I love shelves simply because I can rearrange to my heart's content and feed the need for moving things around.  Plus, I love the functionality of displaying items we use.  We have a long way to go on the project lists (like refreshing paint colors and ripping up some carpet), but I love establishing function and purpose for our spaces.

Thanks for joining my circus today!  Have a wonderful weekend!!