Real Life in the Love Circus

Well folks, first day back to school is cancelled due to ice (nothing like what the deep south and northeastern folks got the other day, but for us it's disruptive).  

I was so ready for today!   Getting back into the routine with school and work, accomplishing some things, enjoying silence.  Our house is in shambles (which is actually a regular occurrence, it's just magnified when we are on breaks), and I really need some breathing room.  I feel like the house is closing in on me! 

BUT, plans change and I am quite certain God gives a redirect to see things, reflect and stop revving our engines for a minute.  So on our real last day before school starts back, I'm going do my best to take it slow and enjoy time with the boys.
Stay warm folks (like Victor there) and have fun today!!  Thanks for joining my circus­čĬ for a minute :)

Victor Love in the red chair.  He burrowed a hole in the cushion so he could get real cozy. 
When the humans sit here, we have to put a pillow on it so we don't fall into the hole.