Fun Finds At Hobby Lobby

OH MY GOSH- I went to Hobby Lobby a couple of weekends ago to use a gift card I got for Christmas and I snapped some pictures of the things I was really loving for two reasons: 
1) I can't remember what I fell in love with on the other side of the store so I have to stop and review. 
2) I started to look at the list and thought, I might share this with our friends!! 

Here are a few items I picked up:

This is actually a garland I wrapped around twice and hung on the wreath hook.  I've been looking for something different and multi-seasonal. 
(side note: I really, really want to paint my front door)

I saw the bigger sign below (50% off) and really got excited about having a "pantry" sign over the pantry.  Then saw this little guy and thought it was more appropriate in size (also 50% off).

I have been wanting one of these since I saw it in a catalogue around Christmas ~ Pottery Barn maybe?? Anyway, this one is not the best quality, but the price was right so I was obliged to get it! 

This cool shelf was on sale, and I knew when I saw it that it would be perfect for this spot in our mud room (which is new to us, last year we took down a wall and opened this area up.  Still need to finish the floors and what not).   I am thinking of a variety of things in the little shelf holders, it's on the way to the pantry so I thought for sure one shelf could be for onions and another for potatoes, etc.  Also, I need to shop my house for something to hang above it here.

Here are some of the items I really liked, some I might try a little DIY action....

Larger "pantry" sign.

I like the white board calendar, need to thing about the best format to use for the fam.

No explanation needed.

They have lots of great scripture signs, in all shapes and sizes!!

Here is another :)
Starting to look for ideas for displaying different kid collections.

I liked the options on these window panels.

Cool metal wreath, I just love this look!! 
This fabric is needed in my home for some things (pillows, chair covers, shower curtain??).  
Also, I can see some crisp monograms on this! 
(Crafty Southern Mama Mandy I'm looking in your direction here.)

These chairs!  Marked down to $39!!! I don't know what I would do with them, but I love them!!

I'll be sure to share more fun finds soon!!